27 05, 2015

Open Your Eyes: A Spell to Dispel Illusion and Give Clear Sight

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“Oh, she is such a fake. I wish more people could see through her beauty and charm and see the viper she really is.” “I don’t know what she sees in him; he’s obviously taking advantage of her. If only she’d open her eyes and see.” Sometimes don’t you just wish that they could see through the glamour? Cleverly and skillfully it has woven around the motives and actions of someone who is not what they present themselves to be. It could be a family member, so in love with someone who would use them selfishly… or it could be a co-worker who is always able to place the blame elsewhere for their own faults and yet come across smelling like roses. Perhaps it’s the lazy boyfriend who –despite being mean and condescending to his mate– is able to get her to do everything for him. Or maybe it’s the woman who lures [...]

27 05, 2015

To Control Your Men

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To Control Your Men Steal his trouser button And with spider webs surround Saying “Now I have you captured, And to me you are bound.” I created this New Years Day, 2012. I’ve had this vintage postcard by G. Vicentini that I have long been waiting to create the perfect spell for. If you go about collecting spider webs for this spell be sure to be kind to the spiders and be careful not to get bit. SaveSave SaveSave

26 05, 2015

How To Prepare Bones

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Bones are popular curios for many Conjure workers, as material for certain types of Hoodoo work or to be thrown for divination. Sometimes the bones we find have not been still for long, and care must be taken to extract them from the rest of the carcass, to peel away skin or fur or feathers and sluice through necrotic flesh for that bit of bone deep inside that calls to us. If the bones belong to a recently dead corpse then you have a few options. One method involves Dermestid Beetles (aka Leather Beetles or Hide Beetles), which are available to purchase from some taxidermy suppliers and may easily be acquired online. They do the hard work for you, and it is morbidly fun to watch. A simply ten gallon aquarium with a screened lid works fine (they cannot crawl up the glass). The main [...]

2 08, 2011

Shining A Light On Your Success

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Here is a simple technique of modern conjure sure to brighten your success. Next time a light bulb burns out replace it with one on which you have drawn a sigil for success with a permanent marker. I do this with a Sharpie, and on the bulb I draw a stylized symbol for the word success. I most often see folk using $$¢¢$$, as I often do myself, but it is not ideal for this trick as it may screw in sideways or upside down unless written on while the bulb is snug in its socket (which may not be practical for fixtures such as high ceiling lamps). Having the sigil topsy turvey won’t do for me, since it symbolically strikes me as misdirecting my success, and who knows, it could perchance make me wildly successful at disco dancing when the success I am working for is more gainful employment. [...]

22 07, 2011

Law Keep Away, Vintage Style Charm

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We have yet to come out with a line of Law Keep Away products here at Modern Conjure, but this piece is currently inspiring us to do so. The verses are tongue-in-cheek, especially “An honest life you need not abide, if in a conjure bag these herbs you hide.” Although Law Keep Away is often used to conceal some shady business, it is also used without guilt among minorities who fear being profiled. When my lovers travel through certain parts of the country I feel safer knowing that along with some general curios for protection they also have a bit of Law Keep Away to protect them from officers who don’t take kindly to Queer California Warlocks. Also, it’s a good thing to have if your spiritual practices involve activities that the law has come to frown on, such as going to beaches or graveyards at night. If you take [...]

3 06, 2011

How To Predict Specific Time Using Tarot

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Phew! The reading turned out positive, with the querant relieved to know that she and her sister will eventually reconcile. Next, she asks the question that many tarot readers dread; “When?” Many readers not only cringe at the question, but altogether avoid answering it. The general script among such readers reads similar to this, “Well, the tarot can only tell you what is likely to happen, however the future is not set in stone and we all have the ability to change our destiny, so we cannot truly say when something will happen or that it will happen for certain, only that it is very likely to happen based on the energies currently involved.” While this view of destiny is common, and one that I myself subscribe to, in regards to divining time it is a classic cop out. For readings that reveal a negative outcome one wishes to let [...]

27 05, 2011

Egg Cleansing

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One effective means of cleansing yourself, or another, of negative energy is with an egg cleansing. Known as “Limpia” in Spanish, the act of using an egg of draw out adverse energy and its related ailments has been adopted by magical practitioners from a variety of traditions throughout North America. I know practitioners who are very specific about what type of egg they use in their work, insisting it be fertile, or that it comes from a certain breed of chicken such as a frizzled black hen. Sometimes it is adherence to tradition that dictates how a magical ingredient such as an egg is chosen. Other times it is the rarity or specialty of an item that enhances its perceived magic power. While the challenge of acquiring a hard to find item can add to your magical intention, there is something to be said for the minimal approach of using [...]

17 04, 2011

Sarsaparilla & Vanilla For Promoting and Protecting An Office Romance

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Many modern romances occur in the work place, and this can often be a challenge. Lovers can find themselves on opposing sides of office politics. Bosses and coworkers can become envious. Lovers may feel that they are under constant scrutiny to prove that their personal relationship is not infringing on their job performance. Help is needed. As a man in a polyamorous relationship with two other men, both of whom work at our store The Mystic Dream, I understand the frustrations of working with one's lovers. Here is a Modern Conjure solution to keeping things copasetic in the workplace. This spell is a variation of a honey jar spell. It requires the following: A small jar A name paper Sarsaparilla Vanilla Extract A business card A candle (tea-light) At work we use a 2 oz hexagon jar, but anything will do. Keep in mind that the larger your jar is [...]