11 06, 2015

Law Keep Away

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We have yet to come out with a line of Law Keep Away products here at Modern Conjure, but this piece is currently inspiring us to do so. The verses are  tongue-in-cheek, especially “An honest life you need not abide, if in a conjure bag these herbs you hide.” Although Law Keep Away is often used to conceal some shady business, it is also used without guilt among minorities who fear being profiled. When my lovers travel through certain parts of the country I feel safer knowing that along with some general curios for protection they also have a bit of Law Keep Away to protect them from officers who don’t take kindly to Queer Californiay Warlocks. Also, it’s a good thing to have if your spiritual practices involve activities that the law has come to frown on, such as going to beaches or graveyards at night. If you take [...]

10 06, 2015

Magical Advice to Put a Stop to Gossip

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When a gossiping mouth gives you the blame Fill a bottle with alum, vinegar, and their name Keep close for nine days and give it a shake Each midday, each twilight, each time your awake Hide well this bottle like that of a jinn Stand tall, smile broadly, and grow a thick skin SaveSave SaveSave

27 05, 2015

To Control Your Men

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To Control Your Men Steal his trouser button And with spider webs surround Saying “Now I have you captured, And to me you are bound.” I created this New Years Day, 2012. I’ve had this vintage postcard by G. Vicentini that I have long been waiting to create the perfect spell for. If you go about collecting spider webs for this spell be sure to be kind to the spiders and be careful not to get bit. SaveSave SaveSave