How To Predict Time Using Tarot

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Phew! The reading turned out positive, with the querant relieved to know that she and her sister will eventually reconcile. Next, she asks the question that many tarot readers dread; “When?” Many readers not only cringe at the question, but altogether avoid answering it. The general script among such readers reads similar to this, “Well, the tarot can only tell you what is likely to happen, however the future is not set in stone and we all have the ability to change our destiny, so we cannot truly say when something will happen or that it will happen for certain, only that it is very likely to happen based on the energies currently involved.” While this view of destiny is common, and one that I myself subscribe to, in regards to divining time it is a classic cop out. For readings that reveal a negative outcome one wishes to let the querant know that a change in behavior may positively change the outcome. Unless the querant is on a quest for disappointment there would be little reason to consult the cards were there no hope of making things better. Still, having a certain time frame is helpful. While a reading may [...]

The Water Cleansing (or, “Kala Rite”)

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The Water Cleansing (or, “Kala Rite”) A Faery Ritual of Purification {Black Rose Class Excerpt} By Storm Faerywolf The Water Cleansing, or “Kala rite” is arguably one of the most important pieces of Faery tradition practice. From the Hawaiian word meaning “to loosen, untie, or absolve” this simple ritual provides us with an opportunity to transform negative energies and blockages within ourselves, as well as to reclaim the power that these blocks have “tied up” within our energy bodies.   Simple Version Items needed: A glass of clear, fresh water Ground and Center. Perform a Three Souls Alignment. Recall something that you wish to be free of… a bad habit, negative trait, a fear, a bad relationship, etc. Allow yourself to really feel the presence of this thing, along with any emotions that may be attached to it. As you continue your meditative breathing allow these sensations to build within you. When you feel that these feelings are at their peak, breathe three deep breaths of power, and will this negative energy out of your energy-body and into the glass of water, which now appears to your mind’s eye as thick, black, heavy, and toxic. Begin to charge yourself up by [...]

The Supper of Samhain: Honoring the Ancestors of Our Lives and Craft

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Samhain (pronounced, “SOW-in”) is a Gaelic festival which celebrates the end of the harvest season as well as a descent into the dark half of the year. Literally meaning “Summer’s End”, Samhain is the Celtic New Year, and one of the two “Gates” or “Hinges” of the Celtic year, the other being Beltane. In modern times it has become the festival of Halloween (“All Hallow’s Eve”) and is often considered the highest holy day of the witches’ calendar. In Black Rose we generally celebrate the holiday on the astrological date, marked when the sun enters 15° Scorpio. Metaphysically this celebration teaches us that the “veil” that exists between the world of the living and the dead is at its thinnest during this time, which accounts for the holiday’s association with spirits and the dead. This is a time to remember the ancestors, upon whose shoulders we stand. The ancestors that we revere in witchcraft are two-fold: the Mighty Dead and the Beloved Dead. The Beloved Dead are ones’ personal, biological, and familial ancestors; those beings who are aligned to us through blood and even adopted family ties who can be called upon for guidance, protection, and as a gateway [...]

Talisman of the Dark Equinox: A Celebration of Autumn-tide

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By Devin Hunter and Storm Faerywolf The autumnal equinox marks a shift of power from that of the world of the living and beginning a slow descent into resonance with the realm of the ancestors. At this time many traditions celebrate the descent of the Goddess into the Underworld such as in the myths of Inanna or Persephone where she will begin a series of trials that will culminate in the creation of life from death. Also called “Harvest Home”,  another name for this holiday is “Mabon” and refers to a male Welsh deity later adopted into Arthurian legend. On the Neo-Pagan agricultural wheel of the year this holiday celebrates the “second harvest”, and the awareness of the need to share one’s bounty with the community to better fare the winter months. In Black Rose Witchcraft we celebrate the eight Neo-Pagan Sabbats during their astrological occurrence and this year Mabon falls on Tuesday, September 23. For our solitary ritual this year we have chosen to celebrate the opening of the gates between the world of humankind and the world of spirits by creating other-world wax talismans to act as our guide through the dark half of the year. As [...]

Lammas Ritual

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Within our tradition we celebrate the sabbats as they occur astrologically. This year astrological Lammas will happen on Friday, August 8th when the sun enters 15* Leo. Traditionally Lammas is celebrated as the first of the three neo-pagan harvest festivals with roots driven deep in Irish and Celtic folklore. At 15* Leo we find a fixed star by the name of Dubhe (pronounced DUB-ee) (Bear in Arabic) which is associated with psychic power and destruction. Dubhe is also referred to as “The Eye” or “Pivot of the Universe” and makes up the center of Ursa Major’s spine.For our Lammas ritual we combine both the terrestrial fascination of the first harvest with the celestial alignment of this great star. During this ritual we surround ourselves with symbols of the harvest. This can be fresh fruit or grains or ceremonial tools like the scythe or boline. We then enter trance and commune with Dubhe to align ourselves with the psychic potential to see clearly what must be harvested and to gain insight regarding how to move through specific issues that we might be facing. This ritual requires us to both be receptive to the messages of the heavenly host and to [...]

A Solitary Midsummer with Lucifer

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In Black Rose we celebrate the longest day by honoring Lucifer the Witch King. In our tradition’s mythology Lucifer is the bringer of light and is personified by the brilliant shining sun.  This Midsummer we will be invoking the spirit of Lucifer through an adaptation of one of our most treasured practices known as Kala. During Kala we gather energetic blockages and purify them with the power of our own light. We finish this ritual by consuming this energy, now instead of it being a toxic blockage it is nutritious power that can fuel us. What you need: A drinking glass Distilled or Spring Water (boiled/filtered water will do in a pinch) Access to direct sunlight How to: Fill the drinking glass with water and place it somewhere close to you. While standing in the sun take a few moments to collect your thoughts and ground your energy body. Begin by breathing slow and deep and allow your attention to become centered on the sensation of that breath. Allow your belly to expand first as you breathe, followed by your lungs and make sure to keep your body relaxed. When you feel ready to move on, pick up your [...]