We walk the Crooked Path

The Crooked Path is a term used within Sacred Fires to describe the work of the witch. Our path is winding and ever churning, always presenting us with challenges that we must find a way through. To us, the crooked path is bitter and sweet, it is full of trials but also full of reward. By using our witch power to tap into the preternatural and divine forces we can undergo the process of soul forging.

We walk a Familiar Path

Our magic is heavily based on the development of the psychic abilities of the witch, especially the mediumistic. When we say we walk a Familiar Path, we mean that we do not walk this path alone, all Sacred Fires witches are taught to work with a special spirit companion known as a familiar. We are known for our unique bonds to these spirits and regard them highly in our personal and traditional work.

We wield Great Power

Our magic teaches us to wield large amounts of power and energy. Because of this the training process can be rigorous and daunting at times. We have high standards and expect our initiates and students to rise to them in order to meet the challenges presented by this work. We learn to wield this power through deep personal transformation and sacrifice and it requires us to give of ourselves fully in order to obtain our ultimate outcome.

We are Heirs to the Sacred Throne

Sovereignty is a key value for us in Sacred Fires. Each of us believes that we are heirs to the magical throne of Diana and Dianus, the gods of our tradition and keepers of the magical wealth. With the help of their daughter Aradia, we are guided through our work in which we cultivate sovereignty and forge the lives we want through magic and mastery. Only those who seek to claim the crown have a right to it.

We walk the path of the Sacred Flames

Our magic is conveyed through a shared shamanic and ecstatic experience, real life experience, and personal will power. Each flame gives us tools to forge our own souls path. Through each of the fires we dismantle the armor and shed our skin, ultimately being reborn as gods ourselves and creators of our own souls path.

White Flame Witchcraft

The White Flame is the home frequency of the witch and the witch power within you. During the White Flame training we are taught to harness the witch power, meet our familiar spirit, as well as to align and purify ourselves. During this portion of the training, all basic knowledge of popular witchcraft including an introduction to Sabbatic and ecstatic craft styles is presented through Black Rose Witchcraft Level One.

Yellow Flame Witchcraft

The Yellow Flame teaches us mastery of the craft, command of energy, and how to clear energetic ties. The lessons here include but are not limited to daemonic release, exorcism, low magic, and basic angelic and reclamation magic.

Red Flame Witchcraft

The Red Flame teaches us of the power of sex, mana, and personal vitality. The lessons here include but are not limited to raising and storing energy, Kundalini and the great serpent, renewal, and sex magic.

Blue Flame Witchcraft

The Blue Flame teaches us of will power, energetic dominance, and enchantment through the voice. The lessons here include but are not limited to manifestation, expanding the capacity to hold energy, using the witch’s voice, and advancing spell craft.

Green Flame Witchcraft

The Green Flame is the fighting will to survive and teaches us strength through resilience, healing, and of the power found within the natural world. The lessons here include but are not limited to the Green Goddess and the Horny God, the Feri realm and our connection to it, advancing the witch’s connection to the plant realm, ley lines, and land spirits.

Orange Flame Witchcraft

The orange flame was the gift given to us by the Gods. It teaches us to process and create, to destroy and to forge, to evolve as well as to rise from the ashes. The lessons here include but are not limited to discipline, obstacle removal, focus and self-mastery, as well as the magic of transformation.

Violet Flame Witchcraft

The Violet Flame teaches us of our souls story and the hidden power that lies waiting in our past lives. Topics here include but are not limited to soul retrieval, DNA activation, severing soul contracts and removing their affects on the current life, and generational karma.

Indigo Flame Witchcraft

The Indigo Flame teaches us of the world of spirits, the dead, and how to deepen the Familiar path. The lessons presented here will include but are not limited to the Plutonian plane, summoning spirits for oracular purposes and information retrieval, as well as astral travel.

Black Flame Witchcraft

The Black Flame is the fire of God Herself, the power of a witch who has claimed their crown and walks with the knowledge of godhood. This flame is referred to as the black hole, the fire of the void, the forger of gods. The lessons here are of true self-mastery and reclamation, of rapture and personal revelation. Within the teachings of this flame we learn to completely unravel so that we may be created anew.

In order to become a member of The Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft you must first complete the student application. CLICK HERE to download the student application and follow the instructions provided in the form. Once you email the form to Devin it will be reviewed and you will hear back within one week.


Will there be homework and tests?

You Betcha! Each month at the end of our session I will assign some sort of homework. You will be expected to read books and take a short quiz about the material on occasion.
You will have art projects at the end of each flame as well as video projects throughout your training. Before completion and attunement in each flame you will be required to take a test to validate skill level. You will also be expected to check-in weekly regarding progress.

How much time will all of this take to do the weekly work load?

The average time commitment is about three to five hours a week. This includes devotional work, reading, meditation, journaling, check-ins, assignments, meeting with me, and rituals.

What supplies will I be responsible for obtaining?

At the beginning of each flame you will be given a list of specific tools and materials that you will be expected to procure. In general, you will need to purchase books, herbs, candles, oils, curios, and other witchcraft related supplies. You will receive a 20% off discount at The Mystic Dream if you choose to order from them.

How is the monthly fee set up?

Depending on which option you choose, a set fee of either $50.00 will be charged through subscription at The Mystic Dream Academy. Though I expect timely payment I do understand that at times this can be a greater financial bourdon than others. If at any time paying for this class becomes an issue it is your responsibility to contact me directly. I am not doing this for the money, I am doing this for the magic. We will always be able to work something out.


To Become a Full Member You Must


No one is eligible for Sacred Fires Training without taking Black Rose first, or in special cases for advanced students, simultaneously with SF Training. Black Rose Level One acts as 2/3 of the White Flame training and provides a core magical system to the members of Sacred Fires as well as a large community of practioners with whom students can communicate and work with, both we have found to be incredibly valuable assets when training!

Traditional Path Sacred Fires Students pay $50 per month or $500 yearly.

White Flame Intensive

This nine week course is designed to introduce students to the inner workings of the Sacred Fires Tradition and the mysteries of the White Flame. In this series we will dive deeply into the magic of Personal Power, Star Power, and Allied Power and explore the hidden pillars of Sovereignty, Ecstasy, and Self Possession. Each student will learn to personally apply these practices to their lives and passing students will receive the White Flame Attunement.

The intensive is mandatory for admittance into the inner-court of our tradition and is meant to be a companion to Black Rose Level One.

Find out more by visiting the White Flame Intensive page for details

The Agreements

I recognize that as a member of Sacred Fires my actions are always seen as a representation of the coven. I recognize that it is my responsibility to always represent the order according to these agreements. I understand that failure to do so may result in the dismissal of my membership.

The most important responsibility that comes with the privilege of being a member of the order is the safety of other members. Because of our strict safety concerns regarding our members, at no time is any information personal or otherwise pertaining to other members to be disclosed. Every member of the order is entitled to complete anonymity regarding the organization.

Each day the members of this coven strive to achieve six goals. These goals shall act as a simple guide to living life as a magical person while they are members.

  1. To live in sovereignty with dignity and purpose.
  2. To recognize the hidden vein of magic in all things.
  3. To be not frail and meek but vast and endless.
  4. To look within for what we do not find outside ourselves.
  5. To harmonize as one with the source of all things.
  6. To be an example of strength and compassion in this world..

Respect is key to a healthy coven life and I will always do my best to respect the opinions and life choices of my fellow coven mates. I also understand that sexism, racism, and homophobia are strictly prohibited and are seen as weaknesses in character and spirit.

I will participate in coven activities such as rituals, classes and discussions and will do my best to be a part of the spiritual growth and development of other members as well as my own. I follow these guidelines regarding attendance and participation.

Members are excused for personal emergencies and life events however are expected to convey any and all scheduling conflicts to the presiding head no later than one week before the conflict. In the event of an emergency the head should be contacted as soon as possible.

No member shall be absent more than ¼ of the called meetings and events. Any more absences are deemed excessive and may result in the member being placed on sabbatical or removed.

Classes and rituals are for members of Sacred Fires only unless otherwise communicated.

Class fees will be applied for the duration of the coven membership.

I am responsible for obtaining my own supplies which may include but is not limited to: Paper, pens and pencils, Celestial planners, books, tarot or other oracle cards, stones, oils, etc.

Only while actively participating in class will I have access to the online forums, groups, and privileges.

Coven And Training Structure (2017 Update)

The Sacred Fires Outer Court : Neophyte

The Outer Court is a community of practitioners who follow the core principles of Sacred Fires and/or are seeking eventual training within the covens but have not dedicated to the tradition. Outer Court rituals such as the Rite of the Cosmic Weaver, The Rite of the Grand Convergeance, and Festival Rites may be provided to the public via a certified Sacred Fires clergy person. Those who attend three or more meetings, rituals, and/or classes led by clergy may dedicate to the Sacred Fires outer court. Black Rose Witchcraft is part of the Sacred Fires OC.

The Sacred Fires Inner Court

The First Degree*: Associate Priest

First degree initiates must complete Black Rose Level One, the White Flame Intensive, and have at least one recommendation from a current First Degree initiate or higher. Black Rose Level One serves to provide a well-informed and well-rounded basic Traditional/Sabbatic practice, the White Flame intensive will provide the work and attunement necessary for initiation, and the recommendation ensures that anyone seeking initiation is already an active member within the community.

*The attunement may be given to outer court members, and the public when appropriate by a Fifth-Degree clergy person who is in good standing with the community. The attunement may be passed but the symbols related to the attunement may not. This allows this powerful tool to be offered outside of our order, but will not allow those who receive it to pass it along to someone else.

The Second Degree : Priest

Second Degree initiates must complete the training related to the Indigo and Red flames (and received attunement in both), have passed the psychic and magical skill testing, and have received at lease one recommendation from a current Second Degree initiate or higher. The flame work will further develop psychic and magical abilities, the psychic skills test will ensure that the witch is a skilled psychic capable of retrieving verifiable information from the spirit world, and the recommendation ensures that anyone seeking initiation is already an active member within the community.

Second Degree initiates are expected to begin volunteering as a TA for in-coming students, this will be addressed by when Third Degree training commences.

The Third Degree*: High Priest

Third Degree initiates must complete training related to the Blue, Green, and Yellow flames (as well as receive their related attunements), have passed the magical control and summoning skills test, and received at least one recommendation from a current Third Degree initiate of higher. The flame work will help develop magical potency and focus of will-power, the skills test ensures that these match SF standards for advanced clergy, and the recommendations ensure that anyone seeking initiation is continually an active member within the community.

*Third Degree initiates are permitted to lead public and outer court rituals. They are also expected to volunteer within the tradition by joining or creating a project team.

The Fourth Degree: Master Magician / Knight of Diana

Fourth Degree initiates must complete training related to the Orange and Violet Flames (as well as receive their related attunements), have passed the “soul smithing” skills test, and receive no less than three recommendations from current Fourth Degree initiates or higher. The flame training will provide an excellent foundation in magic related to the soul and ascension, the skills test ensures that the practitioner meet SF standards for Fourth Degree initiates, and the recommendations ensure that anyone seeking initiation is continually an active member within the community.

Fifth Degree: Grand Master Witch King/Queen

Fifth degree initiates must complete training related to the Black Flame and its attunement, pass the final skills test, and receive at least three recommendations from current Fifth Degree initiates. The Black Flame training will transfer the remaining teachings of the clergy, the skills test will ensure that all requirements are met, and recommendations ensure that anyone seeking initiation is continually an active member within the community.

Fifth Degree Initiates are permitted to have their own hive and lead a training coven within the structure of Sacred Fires. Those who choose will also be added to the Black Flame Council and serve as a governing member. Fifth Degree members will receive the keys and rituals related to the attunement process and will be granted access to all resources pertaining to passing the attunements, and initiations, on.

At any time these agreements may be adjusted, amended, or added to by the presiding head. In the event of changes notice must be given two weeks prior to it’s taking effect.


Class fees are either $50.00 monthly via subscription through The Mystic Dream Academy or a yearly one-time payment of $500.00. (This applies for all flame training, except when adding Black Rose simultaneously.)