Court Case Powder

You will need approximately equal parts of the following: Calamus Root Galangal Root Licorice Root Grind these into a powder. I repeatedly grind and sift these, removing any stringy bits. This goal of [...]

Hot Foot

Hot Foot powder is used to physically chase a person away. It’s ingredients mostly consist of items that would literally cause irritation, heat and unrest. HELLHOUND ON MY TRAIL by Robert Johnson You [...]

Take Me Back

To work best, this powder should make contact with the person you wish to find favor with again. It may it sprinkled in their path so that they walk upon it, or brushed [...]

You Up?

You will need to grind equal parts of the following into a fine dust. A coffee grinder will serve you well with this, although the deer antlers are best shaved first with a [...]