Black Cat

Black Cat oil is most often used for gambling luck and to break hexes. Many recipes for Black Cat oil involve adding the hair of such a cat, often with steel wool. Bay [...]

Blessing Oil

What is the nature of the blessing you seek? Is it to bless a newborn, a deck of Tarot cards, a business endeavor? Based on its application, a blessing formula may contain ingredients—essential [...]

Just Judge

If you should find yourself, or a loved one, having to appear in court before a judge, this oil is used to get them on your side. Conjure work for court cases is [...]

Power Oil

3 parts Orange oil 1 part Cedar oil 1 part Ginger oil Dilute with a carrier oil, such as almond, about 3 times the volume of those you have blended. Store in a [...]

Uncrossing Oil

Uncrossing products remove negative conditions and the barriers they present, allowing us to move ahead unshackled. -Hyssop -Lemongrass -Pennyroyal Collect these ingredients as equal parts of dried herbs. Place these in a jar [...]