Le Language Des Yeux

Came across this and am inspired by it. According to this I’m fickle, which I’m guessing in French means the same. Can’t quite make out what’s in the top right, a piggy perhaps? Then again in the bottom left, maybe a pansy? Regardless, its rockin’ some weird and sexy vintage conjure. My eyes want to focus on each of the eyes at once, which spins my pupils around and makes me trance out.

Chas Bogan
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About the Author:

Chas Bogan is one of the founding members of Mystic Dream Academy. His work as an artist covers various mediums, notably as a craftsman of divinatory tools such as spirit-boards produced for his company Carnivalia; also as the alchemist whose apothecaries are sold under his label Modern Conjure. He is co-owner of The Mystic Dream, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he provides services as diverse as Bone Throwing, Egg Cleansing, Reiki, and teaches classes as well.