Black Hawk

Use this when petitioning Black Hawk. Ideal on its own for protection. White Sage 1/2 cup Black Copal 1/3 cup Juniper 1/2 cup Burn on a charcoal. MORE INCENSE ENTRIES [...]

Business Draw

Traditionally, such an incense would be burned in one's shop or office, to literally draw customers and clients through the door. In the modern age, when so much commerce and business is done [...]

Cleansing Incense

Cleansing incenses purge negativity with smoke, leaving an environment or body spiritually clean. Ingredients are often chosen for their known purgative effects, or for their strong scent--as it is believed that devils are [...]

Down To Earth

When a situation has you so stressed out that you can think about nothing else, this formula brings you back into your body, into the present moment. Thyme 1/4 cup powdered Patchouli 12 [...]

Fast Luck

Great for gambling, or any situation for which your luck need to change. Alkanet 1/4 cup Cinnamon 1/4 cup powdered Cinquefoil 1/3 cup powdered Vanilla 1/4 teaspoon extract Wintergreen 1/2 cup powdered Burn [...]