Relax. Get comfy. You are about to hear the enchanted voice of a master orator. This voice blazes pathways through the ether, leading you on adventures that take you deeper into your sacred self, or away to mysterious realms. Throughout the ages there have been similar voices, such as shaman spoke to guide spiritual warriors through the perils of the underworld, or to embolden and heal them; and that tradition lives on today, having evolved to take advantage of the auditory devices currently at our disposal. Click on your speakers, or nestle your earbuds into your ears, and prepare yourself for transcendence.

The first of these audio recording, titled ‘Grounding’, is our FREE gift to you. You have two options to play it. You may listen directly from this page using the embedded audio player, or you may context click on its title to access an MP3 file for download.

by Storm Faerywolf

Grounding is a most, if not *the* most, important first step to any ritual, magical or otherwise. When we have been grounded, we have undergone several meditative steps and visualizations in order to focus our awareness, and to cleanse ourselves from any extraneous thoughts or emotions that might prove distracting, or even harmful, in a ritual setting. When we connect with the Earth, we are connecting with the body of the living Goddess, so that Her energies are made available to us, travel through us, envelope us, and heal us. It is important that we not use our own personal energy, so as not to become depleted.

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