Mystic Dream Academy offers the following free resources.

Many of these exist here to support lessons from our various classes, and have been made available for both students and visitors to our site. Enjoy!

The Mystic Dream Dictionary is an ongoing project to collect the wisdom of dream symbolism from a variety of unique sources.

Our Course In Modern Conjure delves into the significance that dreams have played in folk magic. To dream true means to have psychic insight revealed through your dreams, sometimes matters of deep spiritual significance, other times the revelation of lucky numbers.

Mystic Dream Formulary intends to inspire those studying A Course In Modern Conjure, which teaches the mechanics and methodology behind such blends as these. All formulas are sourced by Chas Bogan and students of his course.

A collection of Fortune Charts, adjunct to lessons on divination for A Course In Modern Conjure.

How the Seals of Solomon are used in folk magic is explored in A Course In Modern Conjure, along with similar subjects such as sigils and talismans. These are provided for students to be printed out and put them towards a magical use.

The Psalms are used to engage all manner of spells, from cursing to love casting, as explored in A Course In Modern Conjure. They are made available here for easy reference.

The Master Key System was among the earliest and most popular spiritual correspondence courses, offering insights into the Law of Attraction (a phrase coined by it), long before contemporary New Age gurus touted similar concepts such as The Secret. This and other mail order mystery schools are an inspiration to our own academy.

Of the many methods used for fortune telling, playing-card reading is one with a long history. We host this piece to inform and inspire your divination practice.