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      Amethyst Greyhawk

      I have been a member of Many different schools over the years I’m always seeking more knowledge. There are a couple suggestions that I’d like to suggest to you all.

      The first one is a way to donate money to help other students with their tuition when they hit on tough times so they don’t have to leave their training.  You might be surprised how many people will donate to help their fellow students.

      Second One of my other schools had what they called extension classes on their forums. These were classes with topics like:



      Bach Classes

      Candlemaking 101



      Energy Feilds

      Sacred Protection



      And that is just a few of the courses that they offered on the boards of their school. The students 3rd Degree Students wrote the lessons.

      I’d really love to see something like this implimented for when I get my homework done early.


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      Diane F

      Hi Amethyst,  I just now stumbled across your message, sorry that someone has not responded.  Most of those topics are addressed in detail in later lessons in Black Rose.  Any decision to implement any additional courses would have to be made by the Founders of Mystic Dream, Storm, Devin and Chas.  You might want to message them to get feedback on this.  I know that many people  in the Academy utilize those in their personal practice, and talk about them in their checkins on the forums.  There might be a way to have a separate forum topic for people to exchange information.  But that is just a thought and might not be what you are looking for.  I would say to message the teachers and they can let you know their thoughts.

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