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      I smell things in places which make no sense. I can be standing in the middle of a giant soccer field far from dryers and laundromats and smell a Bounce dryer sheet as if it were right under my nose. I’ll smell pipe smoke or bad cologne when no one is around me. Someone should have passed by me to leave the lingering scent, but there’s no one. I’m not sure if these are spirits around me passing by.

      This witch power is called, Clairalience and it means clear smelling. It is the ability to smell odors that don’t have any kind of physical source. I’ve read that it could include smelling perfume or smoke of a dead relative and that this is a sign they are around us. Having a strong sense of smell can connect us to past memories.

      Rebecca Rosen is a spiritual medium and author. She has Clairalience among other psychic powers. One of the most interesting things she said about Developing Your Clairsenses is this, “ The irony was that once I let go of my desire to “see,” I started to recognize spirit energy as sparks of light, orbs and swirling wisps around the room. With time, I learned that while we have one or two dominant physical senses, we also have dominant intuitive senses and that we all connect with spirit in our own unique way. Our job is to figure out what way that is and then simply embrace it.”

      This year I’ve been smelling more things in odd places. It’s either fresh senses like a dryer sheet or something flowery or very manly scents like a bad cologne or smoke that I want to get away from. I’ve never smelled a woman’s perfume. Devin pointed out that I can focus on what thoughts pop in my head when I smell these. This could be a symbol of what the scent means.

      The stone I’d use to focus on this witch power would be quartz because it is a universal stone for clarity in thought, directing energies with more intensity, and accessing spirit guides.

      Lastly I’d use eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil to clear my seasonal sinuses. I’d use lavender oil to relax.

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      When I was younger, I was accused of being a-know- it- all, smarty pants, too assertive, too cocky. There were times, when I just knew when something was going to occur or just had the answer which would just pop into my head, but not able to provide references in order to back up my claims. I have claircognizance. Through this paper I will provide a definition of claircognizance, recommendations on how to develop the ability, tools to help enhance this gift and describe how claircognizance has manifested in my life.

      Claircognizance (clear knowing) is one of the four basic intuitive senses. The others are clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairsentience (clear feeling). A person with claircognizance simply “knows” it is a gut instinct without evidence to identify where the information originate. It can be information or facts that just appear in the mind. It can also be perceptions and insights of people and circumstances, which can look like an inspired idea or a very strong sense of knowing you, are right; it can come out of nowhere.

      Where does this information come from? Well, some people believe this information is provided by angels, specifically Uriel, spirit guides, or a higher power. Claircognizance may also come from within you. According to Psychic Elements, the access point is through the Crown Chakra which is located on top of your head. Spiritual information and knowledge can “come to you through this entrance. In order to receive intuitive information, the Crown Chakra must remain open”.

      I have claircognizance. I did not have a name for this gift for a long time, I just knew I had some sort of knowing. This gift has been with me ever since I can remember; age 4 and up. A few example, at the age of seven, I was had a group of friends that would come over and play. I was the one with a playhouse and a rabbit and had many toys. There was one girl who I did not like much but did not understand why. She always seemed nice to me and wanted to hang with our group. One day, I could not find my keys to rabbit hutch which also included the key to the playhouse. It came to my mind that Dena took them but that really made no sense because we all played together and why would anyone steal from me as I shared my stuff. I was very upset and terrified to tell my parents. Later that evening, one of my friends came to me and handed me the keys and confirmed that Dena took them because she was jealous. By taking the keys she thought my rabbit would die and only she would have access to my playhouse.

      Another vivid memory was that in my early twenties, I had a dream where I saw my grandfather sitting on a couch with his legs crossed shaking his one foot like he did so many times. I knew it was a bad sign, a sad sign; something had happened and I felt death. I woke up and called my mom to ask how “papa” was doing because I felt something had happened. It did, my grandmother died. In college, I would play a game with my classmates of can you guess what this person is like? We would sit in the bar and it was our job to make up what this person was like and what they did in life ”name this person’s life”. What was strange to me is that this came very easy to me as if I knew exactly what this person was going through at that time. Such as, they were lonely or had a substance abuse problem, or they were going to celebrate an anniversary, etc. There are times when I just “know in my gut “ when something is very wrong or very right; like falling in love with Alex. That was very right.

      There are many thoughts on how to help develop claircognizance. According to Anna Sayce, Akashic Record Reader who holds a graduate degree in Modern Language from University of Oxford, as well as being psychic with claircognizance, she suggests the following: automatic writing. Since information comes to us in large quantities it is easier to just sit and write or type. This takes practice as usually the first few times the information does not make much sense. Next tool, set the intention “I want to develop my claircognizance and write it down. Thirdly, meditate. Take time out of each day to quiet the mind and just listen. Erin Pavlina, psychic practitioner for over 20 years, adds that we should power up the crown chakra and keep it clear. Also, to pump up the power chakra, aka, solar plexus, as claircognizance takes much energy and by keeping the solar plexus powered up and cleansed will enable us to be a container that can house the energy.

      Not only is it important to have a strong metaphysical body but a strong physical body is needed. We can do this by eating correctly and obtaining the necessary nutrients to help out body stay healthy and able to heal. Exercise helps regulate our circulation and lymphatic flow. Next, keep the mind active. Claircognizance is mental, so exercising the mind by solving word puzzles such as Sudoku, scrabble, etc. Lastly, we need to obtain the correct amount of sleep needed to let the body relax and heal.

      Another avenue to help develop claircognizance is the use of specific gems stones or crystals such as Emerald, Herkimer Diamond, Iolite, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, among many others. My favorite is Malachite. According to the Psychic Library, Malachite is a stone that is used to enhance psychic visions, and you can combine with Azurite to increase this ability. Malachite balances all charkas, in particular the heart. It has a high spiritual energy, which aids in prolific dreaming and can be used for aura cleansing. This stone is bright green and it is one of two basic copper carbonate minerals. It is also known as the “peacock stone.”. Actually, I think this is why I have been drawn to malachite through my faery practice. I have been told to use this stone by Melak Taus in many of my rituals, therefore, it is no wonder that I am drawn to use it to enhance my claircognizance.
      There are also a number of herbs one can use to help enhance psychic gifts such as bay which helps to clear the mind and see the future, Solomon Seal Root, for insight and decision making and clear the mind. Mugwort is used to aid in psychic and visionary work and help to draw protective and benevolent spirits to us. Star Anise helps us to dream lucky and true. Of course, there are many suggested ways to use these herbs such as create a mojo hand or burn on a charcoal while setting intentions. For example, burn a combination of herbs such as Star Anise, Bay and Solomon Seal Root on a hot charcoal; this has been used by mediums during reading sessions to aid their visionary work.

      In summary, I am glad to lean that I do have a psychic gift and to feel safe to share with others. I have all the necessary tools to aid myself in developing this gift. I plan to use automatic writing as it is something I am lazy in doing and a bit afraid. I plan to use one of my malachite stones with the herbs. I will take Star Anise, Bay and Solomon Seal Root and burn on charcoal, place the malachite on the right of the burner and light a white candle, which will be placed on the left side, and meditate.

      Thanks for reading.


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        David E

        Hi Blaze,

        Wow–reading this makes me want to go back and touch up mine! Love the experiences you shared! Think I’m going to go back and look at that website–I found it as well!


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        Mat Auryn

        Great job Blaze! I didn’t know Uriel was associated with Claircognizance. I also wouldn’t have associated automatic writing, or any other form of channeling with Claircognizance, so that was really interesting to read. I feel like I learned stuff from reading your project, which is always awesome. 🙂

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      Marti Wolfe

      Research Project

      Margie Nichols

      I honestly experience multiple psychic abilities. All of the ones listed in our book I experience in various forms and levels. They all began when I was a small child, around 2 years old seems right although I don’t exactly have memory of that time frame. I do know bits and pieces for certain though. Seeing things others couldn’t see. Hearing laughter and growling that others didn’t. Many times being outside heightened the experiences. My family spent much of my childhood in the outdoors hunting and camping all over the US and Canada. With any kind of attunement or training such as Tai Chai, Yoga, Reiki, Prana, etc my abilities have always expanded. Trusting yourself not to argue with what you think you hear or see or smell or anything, will also go a long way to helping your abilities. I have also found that personally working with moldavite and blue kyanite increases all of my psychic abilities. Though many people suggest amethyst and lapis but those are not helpful to me.

      Clairaudience is the ability to hear things that others typically don’t. This started as a small child for me. I would hear whispers of words, songs, singing, laughter, angry ranting sometimes but I was usually alone when it happened and many times outside. I swore the trees and grass spoke to me along with the animals. Joan of Arc was probably the most famous clairaudient in history and she died for it. I think spending time in nature and also working with your spirit guides and familiars will help define this ability.

      Clairvoyance is the ability to visually see things. Again this ability began for me as a small child. I had no siblings yet I had “friends” to play with. It started with seeing black shapes then wolves everywhere. They would be in my bedroom or in my hall way. There were numerous times of me seeing things and waking my family only to be told there was no big black dark 4 legged animal in the hall with green and red glowing eyes. Edgar Cayce is one of the most famous clairvoyants. Working to expand and enhance your third eye chakra will open the way for growth in this ability. Meditation, yoga, or martial arts I find has been beneficial for me and many others.

      Clairsentience is the knowing ability. You don’t know how of why you know something but you just know it with all of your soul. Ann Carter is a clairsentient psychic medium. This is another from childhood thing for me. I skipped ahead in school because I knew all of the answers without opening a book. I could tell my parents what was wrong with the tractor, why a work project wasn’t going as planned or what the weather would be like next week without knowing why. I can’t say that it won me any favors though nor any friends. I was treated like a freak by anyone outside of my parents. They treated me like the most precious thing in the world. To develop this ability learn to listen to your gut…like literally. Listen to that first impression on things, the first thought you have, or that first churn of your stomach. Opening the solar plexus chakra and using crystals for that region (citrine, honey calcite, etc) should help you know what you need but remember it is always your choice if you believe it or if you chase it away because it doesn’t make sense or it scares you.

      Psychokinesis is the ability to move something with your mind. I have been a healer all of my life and that is psychokinesis. You are physically affecting someone’s body, mind, and emotions without having to even be in the same location as they are. I can’t float objects across the room on demand yet but I am working on it. Nina Kulagina is known for her psychokinesis abilities. Heightening your emotions tends to make this ability stronger. Many people have moved objects without touching them when they were very angry (or was that just me) so control is super important. So for developing this ability I would recommend starting with reiki classes or some energy healing ability where you are working with a facilitator and the attunements will also help unlock these abilities as well.

      Mediumship is the ability to communicate with those that are not among the living. John Edward is a famous medium. Since being a young child, I have been able to communicate with spirits, guides, allies, and at times some family members passed on. Although this was probably the most requested ability by others it is the one I have worked the least with outside of communicating with my own guides, gods, and such. I think it scared me the most for a long time. Some of my other abilities were so extreme at times I could hardly function in the mundane world and I feared some spirit wanting to speak through me or something that I don’t know… it is silly as I type this out honestly since I have spoken with my spirit guides for so many years now. I guess I was just so insecure that I was afraid of something wicked coming my way or something I’m not even sure anymore. Blue tourmaline hands down best medium crystal and I have always found damiana to work well for an herb. Being open to hearing, feeling, seeing, everything to those guides you work with is the best place to start with mediumship I feel.

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        Mat Auryn

        Great Job Margie. We usually all have multiple psychic abilities, in fact I believe we have all of them – it’s just a matter of how conscious we are of them and how much comes naturally versus what needs to be strengthened. But by honing in on and auditing different psychic abilities, we find ways to become stronger psychics by discerning which one is the strongest, which ones are strong, which ones are good and which ones need a lot of work for developing. Something to meditate on, and you don’t have to answer here, but of all the psychic abilities, which would you say is your strongest, if you can only pick one?

        For example, I’m naturally super gifted when it comes to external clairvoyance (seeing auras, spirits, energy forms, etc) but have to consciously work and exercise that internal clairvoyance (visualization, having symbols come to my minds eye when doing readings) because it’s not nearly as strong.

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      Christin C

      I chose to focus on my abilities as both an empath and a psychic medium for the purposes of this project. Both are equally important to me in both personal and professional life, and choosing one over the other is impossible, as both have been present in some form for as long as I can remember. To some extent, both seem to extend to each other, as what comes through from spirit is often first perceived in an empathic—or clairsentient—manner, and tuning into an individual empathically often draws spirit closer (except, interestingly enough, when the person is a client in a mental health capacity).

      When I refer to myself as an empath, I am referring to clairsentience, which literally means “clear sensing.” However, I’m also referring in a broader sense (no pun intended) to the ability to physically and/or psychically feel others’ experiences and emotions. These may be picked up either through an encounter with a person or through lingering energy patterns and psychic debris at a specific location or time. My suspicion is that this is very much what happens when a person consistently experiences a heightened emotional response (whether good or bad) at certain times of the year. This can apply individually, but also collectively, as in the case of a national tragedy. The body, physical and etheric, “digests” the events and associated emotions—or does not, getting stuck in a loop of repeated trauma experience. Part of my work is identifying these patterns and loosening them from the body and soul, through any number of healing modalities (the type depends on the client). The first step in this process is identifying the patterns. As an empath, I experience these patterns somatically and through my own inner knowing, often switching between the two if one circuit gets overwhelmed. Frequently, this is the “feeling” mode—a common empath challenge, I think.

      At any given time, I’m likely to have a toolkit to handle empath challenges. As a “feeler,” boundaries are both especially vital and also incredibly difficult, particularly in my youth, when I was basically walking around absorbing and taking personal responsibility for whatever free-floating fun was lingering. After a lot of trial and error and extensive research, I learned to use visualization techniques to reinforce boundaries and to ask my guides for assistance in consciously choosing what to take on and what to designate “not my circus, not my monkeys.” I began to consciously ask, “Is this mine? Whose is it, and what do I want to do with it?”
      I haven’t found the standard white light meditations particularly effective, to be honest. It took me quite awhile to come to terms with that, but nowadays I accept that there’s not a one-size-fits-all model of empathy, and my brand of empathy is suited to my purpose as a healer. Most often, I ground energy that’s not mine, allowing for some absorption (a point of controversy for a lot of folks, I’ve found), or (in the case of a client) create a container to house this energy for the person to observe and work with. As they move through their healing process, they transmute and reabsorb it in a way that’s not at all unlike the kala rite, actually. Knowing this energy and the process that goes with it belongs to another person, I’m able to hold space and guide from a place of compassion, rather than going on the emotional ride along with them. Remembering that I’m there to clear the path, but not to walk it, is a large part of that.
      I also learned to use various physical tools to assist, especially in challenging settings (large crowds come to mind). As the emotions are often absorbed at the solar plexus, I’ll sometimes wear an empowered necklace that hangs low. Reflective stones and materials are great for this purpose, as is obsidian and smoky quartz. True to my Taurus roots, there are lots of empowered candles in my healing space, stones for grounding, and I spritz spaces often with a cleansing wash. When energy is particularly heavy, I use lemons to purify and lift energy. Tonics, teas, and baths can be made of any diuretic and/or detoxifying herbs: peppermint, dandelion, lemon balm, red raspberry, licorice, kelp, clover, parsley, capsacin, passionflower, sage, and hibiscus are good options.
      To increase empathy, I would recommend:
      – Journaling, to increase emotional awareness, sensitivity, and sophistication. In my experience, the more aware one is of various emotional states, the more likely she is to recognize this state when it shows up, either from self or others.
      – Compassion training, such as loving-kindness (metta) meditation. Metta opens the heart and extends compassion toward others, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all beings. A good place to start is here:
      – Tonglen meditation, or “giving-and-taking” meditation. This form of meditation is one of my most powerful allies in developing as an empath. The basic premise is to breathe in the suffering of the world, and to breathe out compassion. While this seems counterintuitive and scary at first, one quickly comes to realize that you cannot breathe out what you do not already have—and so we discover that we are, at the core, limitless sources of compassion and healing.
      – People watching. Sit quietly in a coffee shop or an airport and allow yourself to observe; then to wonder (curiosity is key); then to be with a person. Record your impressions. You can also do this with locations.
      – Be open. The more open you are, the more empathic you will be. At least, that’s certainly been my experience.
      There are entirely too many empaths to mention here. I think it’s a fairly common “gift,” especially as it becomes more accepted by the mainstream. I’m sure there are a few of them reading this report right now, as a matter of fact! 

      The other “power” that has been a mainstay in my life is that of being a medium. Interestingly, this has evolved in different ways over times. My main familiar, Elle (or just L?… hm) has been in my life since I can remember. She rarely shows up in a human form for me; more often than not she is a transparent blue light, like a starburst… with a very loving, resonant voice that would taste like rum and honey if it could be tasted. My earliest memories are of Elle singing me back to sleep in the middle of the night when my parents were fighting.
      Sometimes I would see other people: a teacher in grade school that had been well-loved but died before I was a student. Our local priest’s brother. Family members who constantly hung out around my grandmother. (For an introvert, she sure had an entourage around her!) When I learned to write, I turned these people into characters in my elementary-school novels. It was safer than freaking people out out loud. The teachers pretty much assumed that I was destined for the nunnery, and they both nurtured and shushed my abilities simultaneously. On the one hand, there was curiosity and fascination. On the other, they were creeped out. This came to a head at my 11th birthday party. My friends were staying the night, and I convinced them to pray a decade or three of the rosary with me before bed. (Even then, I was attached to my little rituals.) We were about halfway through when all the lights went out and a brilliant, white burst of light manifested on the wall. We all stopped praying and stared as this light grew until the entire wall was no longer visible behind it. A weird buzzing sound emanated from it. I’d like to say that I was comfortable with this, but honestly, I was absolutely terrified. As quickly as it appeared, it was gone, and I had to convince my terrified friends (all except Amanda, who had apparently fallen asleep while we were praying) not to leave. One of them told our principal, and we all got called into the office and interrogated and accused of making up stories. That was the last time I trusted an adult with anything otherworldly.
      I could probably write pages about how this affected me, but instead, I’m just going to say that hiding various bits and pieces of who I was took a toll, and eventually, I became bitter and angry about it. I spent most of my teens simultaneously “developing” my abilities (often through the school of hard knocks) and raging at parents and authority figures who were clearly uncomfortable with my sexuality, my beliefs, my abilities, and basically everything else that made me “me.” I was a fierce asshole, and my guides were busy, busy, busy keeping me alive and out of trouble for most of that decade.
      In my 20s, I started doing readings as a medium, first for friends and family and then for others. I usually “feel” another presence first, and then I use my curiosity to explore details. This opens me up psychically, and at that point, I will get visuals, snatches of words or phrases, and “knowings.” The more curious and open I am, the more information I will get, as long as the person is open to it. Interestingly, skeptical clients usually make this easier, perhaps because they come with less expectant energy. I’d advise anyone looking to develop their abilities to work with their own guides regularly, and also to work first with people whom they don’t know; maybe a trusted friend whose history you are not intimately familiar with. Frame it as an experiment, and approach with curiosity, without attachment to outcome. Then, say what comes, or write it down.
      When I became a counselor, my ability as a medium altered. Although I still sense spirit, it’s not as prominent as it once was. However, what did happen is that I became very attuned to the liminal space between life and death. I felt called to “portal places,” hospitals and cemeteries and churches. I started working with NODA (No One Dies Alone) and discovered an ability to communicate very clearly with those in the process of crossing over. I often experience what they experience as I’m keeping vigil (at least to the extent that they wish to share), and provide counseling as they move from one state of being to the next. This led directly to my work as a death doula. The closer the person is to the threshold of death, the clearer our communication becomes. This often leads to situations where friends will call and say, “Can you talk to (sick person)?” A clear communication indicates the person is near to death, and a failure to communicate indicates the person has more time. Often this will come with a detailed medical intuition that can be reported back to the family. Unfortunately, although this information has been accurate, it is also too late to be acted upon, although it can be used to provide closure to family members or to make the person more comfortable.

      Honestly, I have no idea who has this ability, as I’m not entirely sure what to call it, other than an extension of mediumship. Caroline Myss likely has similar gifts, particularly as a medical intuitive. In terms of professional mediums, I tend to have a distrust of television psychics, and so I suspect the more skilled ones are not necessarily celebrities.
      Tools, techniques, stones, and herbs to enhance it:
      – Spending meditative time in liminal spaces. In-between places enhance these gifts. These can be portal places such as cemeteries, chapels in hospitals, or they may be natural spaces such as beaches and coasts, caves, and cliffs. For me, the place where water touches Earth is particularly powerful.
      – Moonstone, labradorite, and selenite are favorites for amplifying “messages.” Moonstone is like a hearing aid for me!
      – Herbs that assist: Mugwort, kava, chamomile, and any other sedative teas.
      – Dream journals. Documenting communications encourages further communication.
      – Removing fear and other mental blocks. Examine beliefs that may deter communication, such as that “spirits are evil,” “communicating with spirits is a sin,” etc. Temper fear with curiosity to open to communication.
      – Honor ancestors and deceased family members and friends regularly. The dead love to be remembered. Create an altar or a regular practice to commemorate, remember, honor, and communicate with them. Journal at this time, or use a system of divination to open up communication.

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      David E

      Type and Definition: CLAIRCOGNIZANCE

      First a word of six about terminology. It seems somewhat fuzzy. Many (muggles) lump all psychic ability into that word ‘psychic’ or use clairvoyant as a catch all. Even among ‘those in the know’ (Ha! See what I did there?) there can be some imprecision. A few years back at a workshop I heard a writer/teacher describe this ‘knowing’ as clairsentience and that made sense. Others added the nuance that it has a feeling or emotional/empathic aspect…and this also makes sense—but not so much for how I know my best ability…I just know. I can’t explain how I know…it does not seem to come FROM anywhere. I don’t hear it or see it (to say nothing of physical sensation, smell or taste.) Then I came across the term claircognizance…and the descriptions fit exactly my experiences (even some that go back to early/mid High School). Claircognizance is intrinsic knowing. It is as if knowledge or ideas are directly downloaded into the mind without ‘physical’ interface.

      Claircognizants tend to be mentally oriented, analytical, good at problem solving and prefer books/reading. They have usually been told since childhood that they know too much or always have an answer for everything.

      Famous Claircognizants

      Curiously, this was not as easy to find. One thing that was repeated in several websites (some of them quite inane) was that claircognizants are often gifted, brilliant writers. I have talked with many writers and have read a good bit about their process (particularly fiction) and how the story seems to take over, in some ways, it writes itself (of course, the rest of the process is pretty arduous.) To this I would add philosophers and poets.

      How Develop Claircognizance

      There are a couple ways—I think the most important is to accept that it is a real thing. It is not just our own thoughts/mind speaking. (Even if it WAS…I am thinking that particular thought, at that particular moment for some reason—not that EVERY thought/idea is claircognizance, but it is an intriguing idea…hmmm, see what I did there?) It is important to set the intention that we wish to develop this ability, to be open to receiving insights and information. Specifically there are two primary ways to strengthen/develop claircognizance: Meditation (quieting the conscious mind, centering and focusing/aligning with Higher Self and Spirit). The other is Automatic Writing. (bypassing the conscious mind through repetitive moving of pen across paper  and writing whatever pops in; without filtering and second (or even first) guessing.

      What I find interesting is that I generally dislike meditation…because my mind is always going and I have, even as a kid, loved the idea of automatic writing. Went to workshop on it several years ago and, even though it was first attempt, was amazed at how ideas flowed.

      How is Claircognizance Manifested

      Has been described in a few ways, like a lightbulb/a-ha moment; having the answer to a question that is asked internally. Claircognizants can be brilliant writers and are exceptionally able to know when someone is lying; we are very difficult to manipulate. We often get inspired ideas or suddenly arrive at a solution to a problem.

      Tools to Enhance

      Setting aside for the moment any stones/crystals, etc., first and I think foremost, is an open, accepting mind. Second guessing, doubting what is known/received will block and stifle this ability. It is subtly can tend to mask its scope. There is the misguided (ill-informed?) belief that psychic ability is showy (a gasp, mouths and eyes wide open when something is seen or heard) but is is rarely this…and claircognizance even less so.

      There are not many resources I’ve found to aid a claircognizant…but this would never stop one! Stones that come to mind are clear quartz, amethyst; fluorite; celestite, auralite. But, given the ‘mechanics’ of claircognizance…tools and helps really are not needed.


      This project has helped me understand a piece of my gift/ability that I did not really understand. I knew it (ha!) and trusted it…but had trouble expressing it. Now I know why. It is similar to intuition. From my former Catholic priesthood/graduate studies; intuition is the form of human knowledge that touches that of the angels (in Christian world); they exist to know. It also reminds me of another Catholic/Christian thing…the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (there are 7) the Gift of Knowledge is one of them…and one that I desperately prayed for—because it was cool! Kind of thrilling to see that it happened! I’ll close with a line I use sometimes (and apparently only I find fun)…You just….know.

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      David E

      Hi Avee,

      Thanks, this is really fascinating…until now, I’d only read about this ability, and that it is rather rare. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


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      Mat Auryn


      Awesome! I usually smell relatives and loved ones who’ve passed when the come to me, but don’t often have those experiences in other situations, especially negative. I’m curious if you do. Have you ever had a clairalient experience where the smell was a sign that something was bad? I ask because I have this with clairgustance, where I’ll taste very specific negative tastes in association to a piece of information, a spirit or a person which is a warning sign to me.

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      Mat Auryn

      Thank you all for sharing your research projects! This has been really awesome to read! <3

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        Christin C

        Thanks, Mat. I agree! I’m just getting caught up on some of these posts and am even more appreciative of the people I’ve had the opportunity to take this journey with. 🙂

        I also appreciate your support and appreciation, as I think this post was quite possibly the first time I’d ever exposed quite so much in one long post. Being met with support rather than judgment means a lot. Everyone in a supportive capacity in this intensive has been great. Couldn’t ask for better support, guidance, and validation. So thank you all! <3

        See you around the forums!


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      Christin C

      Hi, Avee. Thanks for sharing your experience of clear smelling. The nose apparently knows.:-)

      I’m especially fascinated with your reaction to some scents, particularly the ones you’d like to get away from. Are there also those that draw you closer? Any that evoke strong emotional reactions or memories? These may be worth exploring.

      It’s been a pleasure learning with you!


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