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      Hassil R

      I wasn’t really sure where to put this so if this is the wrong place please let me know.

      I’m in month 1 week 3 of the Black Rose training and I expected to be more open as I worked through the exercises but I don’t know what to make of these two dreams I had in the same night.

      The first dream I had was that I was at a rest area and I walked up to two spirits, both rotting. One was a little girl and the other was a little boy. I prayed with them and then held their hands and prayed for them. It was like I purposely went to this place to help these spirits. As soon as we were done praying I woke up.

      The next dream was that me and two friends came to a old stone house. We entered it and I instantly knew that it was were a Conjure practitioner was doing their work. We went to the back and there was an altar with a lit pink candle floating on it and La Madomma kept repeating in my head. When I acknowledged the altar (it was covered in divination tools) the candle flew to the floor, stayed upright and burned down completely. My friends urged me to do a reading on the table and I grabbed what I think was a bag of runes. When I did I saw 3 runes flash on the front of the bag and a drawer on the altar flew open and it had a picture of Marie Laveau. I woke up after that and I tried to remember the runes I saw but can’t.

      I don’t know what to make of these. How do I tell if this was an authentic experience or just where I’ve been focused on all things magical to occupy myself during quarantine? The images don’t make sense to me as I don’t see how runes tie into those spirits other then it being a divination tool. I wrote it off as just weird dreams but their really starting to eat at me. The only connections I can think of is that I have always had an ancestor veneration practice and I pray for them everyday, I studied folk magic from what I could get from books to honor my Appalachian heritage and an ancestor I was told who did folk healing, and about two months ago I lit a candle to La Madomma just an act of honor. If Im overthinking this and its nothing then awesome haha I’m totally cool with that but if not I’d like to know.

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      Diane F

      It seems that these dreams are significant, not just a random brain discharge of electricity.  As always, you are the one who will know what dream interpretation pertains to you, so I can only offer what “hits” me as I read your dreams.  Both Faery and Conjure call practitioners to work with our ancestors, and someone who is willing and capable of offering healing and prayers for our beloved dead is fulfilling a sacred duty.  Not everyone is suited to travel to the land of the dead and offer healing, this seems to be one of your unique abilities.  Your dream of praying for the two children, in spite of the horror of their condition, shows that you are able to show compassion, despite what might be considered terrifying circumstances to others.

      Dreams about houses , to me, signify  our past lifetimes and spirit histories.  An old stone house, you have been around for awhile and have established a strong connection to your spirit.  You might want to travel to this stone house in your trance work, to see how that will boost your work.  It might also be a safe place to start trance journeys to other astral temples.  Candle flames allow us to connect to spirit, and sometimes the flames can open communication to the spirit world.  Your flame will burn no matter what conditions happen.  My take on the runes is that you may have had a connection to Norse or Celtic traditions in other lifetimes.  They may be opening to you now, in addition to the rich traditions that are also opening more.

      In Faery, dreams are communication between our Triple Soul, gifts from Fetch that contain communication from Daemon.  To me, the dreams are a confirmation that these studies will boost your spirit journey.  As I said, it is up to you to decide what pertains to you.  Blessings for your time here, I look forward to your postings on the forum.

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      Hassil R

      Thank you so much for your response.

      You got me thinking about alot of things I’ve experienced and I was told once I was a medium but I never gave it thought or paid attention to it. Though now I’m seeing that the dead has been apart of my practice since the beginning. I was at one point I was doing Hospice care and though I stepped away after taking care of some family I still see it as the time when I was most in touch with my practice.

      I have Scotts/Irish roots and my first introduction to divination and magic was the runes and Heathenry so I think this is going to bring a re connection. I’m excited to see how this develops and where my path is leading me. Its also good to know I’m not overthinking things haha, agian thank you so much.

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