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      Erica D

      “With Bloodmonth comes the need to make a deep and earnest decision to give up something that we have held dear -even components of our personality – to give them up to feed the hungry beings of Bloodmonth, Who, although terrifying to gaze upon, will clear and free us in so many ways. Have no doubt. From the offering you make, the future is born. Now is the time to make that sacred offering.”

      So this is the second time in a week I have gotten this card. Obviously, I still have not figured it out and if theory is correct, the card will keep coming back until I do. But really I hope I figure it out soon, I don’t think I want to piss off the “hungry beings of Bloodmonth”. LOL

      Anyone have any experience with personal sacrifices?


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      I feel a personal sacrifice calling to me as well and I have been avoiding it bc I think I know what it has to be.  It’s time to make space for growth. Sending you  blessings


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      Amanda G

      Personally, I think we have to deal with personal sacrifices more often than we really see. Both in our magical and mundane life. Magically speaking, I have has to sacrifice friendships or relationships that were toxic/ hindering my spiritual growth.I think personal sacrifice is something we will always deal with in both the Mundane and spiritual sense. Mundane sacrifices i have dealt with is sacrificing time and energy to reach career related goals. Spiritually I have had to sacrifice friendships, sacrifice my normal understanding of what I “thought” I knew ( basically sacrifice my comfort).



      Unless you mean actually sacrificing yourself to something or someone?

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      Erica D

      It is time to make room for growth! I had a few things in my mind. Did one over the weekend.  I am in the beginning of my magical path. I am not from a culture where magic is understood. Here is exert from the card i pulled yesterday.

      “No longer do you fear rejection from friends and family as you embrace your spiritual and personal path. This is not imaginary. There is nothing alien or bizarre about being intuitive and living magickally, reconnecting with your power. Others may not understand what you speak of at this time – do not allow their limited vision to dictate whom you become in this world. You will soon be asked for guidance – offer it, as you can help.” oracle card “The Wyzard” Lucy Cavendish

      I am starting to believe that my comfort is indeed what “The Bloodmonths” are hungry for! So the next huge question is HOW?


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      I love how this is coming together for you…that you are taking the time to ask and to listen. Comfort is one of the hardest things to sacrifice. Possible continue your meditations and divinations to consider the how. I feel like Fall is the perfect time for this type of transition work…and I am looking to nature for inspiration on letting go.

      As for my sacrifice, I have given up a crutch that I use to deal with my anxiety. Something that has brought me comfort as well and as of 4 days ago I have given up alcohol as a sacrifice and a gift to myself, my family and my ancestors.

      Thank you for the inspiration and keep up posted on your journey.

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      Hi Erica:

      My experience when divination has shown that I need to give up something, sacrifice something…. it does not benefit the being it is a benefit to me. If I do not give it up then it actually hurts me. Usually the letting go, giving up, sacrificing makes room for the new, the needed, the blessings that cannot make their way unless room is made.

      My 2 cents. Enjoy your journey.


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      Etienne T

      For me, the idea of sacrificing is in my opinion really related to getting something in return. Whether it is lost freedom of the has an unhealthy and binding relationship or that it is leaving a bad habit that freed up more time to fulfill our true will. Sacrificing releases the energy that one attaches with that sacrifice.

      This subject is very interesting to question. I believe that sacrifice must come from being and not be imposed by others.

      For me one of the sacrifices I make these free me of time study various books and practice of pranayama exercises and asana. Sometimes I really don’t want to but once I pray time I often feel filled with vitality because I accomplished the goals I had set for myself.
      All these little sacrifices, in my opinion, strengthens the will and is a tool of freedom.

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