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      Elisabeth O

      Hi everyone, very happy to be here with you all. I signed up last night for the Modern Conjure course, then i went straight to bed without actually reading any of it. I want to share the dream I had last night after singing up, as it was very vivid and feels like a transpersonal dream.
      I dreamed of an older African American woman, she was of slight build and had her hair pulled back on her head in to a bun. She wore a cream coloured shirt style dress, old fashioned and drawn in at the waist. I know we were in the Americas somewhere, I think USA although she was speaking to me in a European language – either Dutch or German. I understood her despite the fact I do not speak these languages. The woman was from the past, I think the 1800s. I sat opposite her, we were sitting outside a large white house with pillars and steps up to the front door. She told me she had been born in to slavery, her mother was an enslaved woman and her father a slave owner. She had lived as a slave until a man – a white man  – bought her out of slavery and made her a free woman of colour. The man who freed her was European (dutch or german I think) and I think perhaps they were in love, although I’m not sure. She said that she was happy to have been freed, but the man had somehow left her – (I think he may have died or had to go back to Europe leaving her alone in the house) and she was sad about that. We talked about spirituality and her spiritual practice, I did get the feeling that she was a powerful woman. She had experienced a lot of grief and sadness in her life, but her resilience was palpable. I felt honoured in the dream that she was confiding in me, it felt like we had created a connection. In the dream I was aware of two men standing either side of her, they felt like protectors of some kind.
      I am quite moved by this dream, and would be interested if anyone has had a similar experience? I wondered if perhaps this woman came to me for my assistance in helping her heal her sadness around being abandoned, or if it could simply be a sign from the spirits that I made the right choice in this course, and that there is spiritual purpose for me in undertaking this work.
      I have to say I did consider this course for a long time before jumping in. I’m English, and I’ve grown up here in Europe. I learned English folk magic in part from my Granny (born in 1906) after she realised I was a spiritually sensitive child. However in recent years I started to become very drawn to African American Folk Magick, Hoodoo, Rootwork, etc. I’ve read many books on the subject, and have had some instruction from African American friends. However my desire to take my learning further has always been measured with caution and a deep respect for the origins of Hoodoo as being born from people who were enslaved by Europeans. While my ancestors had no involvement with that, I do feel it’s deeply important for me to remember this while i embark upon this learning. I am wondering if this dream could be a blessing of some kind.

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      Thomas M

      To be honest I think you may have had an encounter with a spiritual guide. You may have lived back then and she is still guiding you. I wouldn’t be afraid of it. It’s a gift. I see spirits often and they are usually not malevolent. Personally I feel you are on the right path. Blessed be.

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        Elisabeth O

        Thanks so much Thomas! You’ve really echoed what I felt intuitively, a greatly appreciated confirmation. That is an amazing thing that you see spirits, I’ve never seen them with my eyes but I have felt them my whole life and I’ve had them communicate with me in readings for clients. 🙂

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        Erika E

        Hi, Elisabeth.

        Welcoming you with huge Blessings!

        I didn’t have quite as detailed a calling as you did but I was deep in meditation and Devin’s name kept coming up- though I didn’t know why, I looked at his most recent post and found the course I had been intuitively searching for for a very long time, the Witch Power Master Class. So here I am. I believe it is absolutely spirit calling and guiding us.  Anyway, I just wanted to share that and say welcome. I am sending you amazing energy for your journey here! Cheers, Erika

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