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      Elizabeth G

      Hey everyone! I know we have been posting our goal assignments in the weekly check-ins, but I thought it would be handy to have one place dedicated to our goal updates. I’m going to be posting my part 2 right up here and then simply updating off of that post so that everything is easily referenced together.

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      Elizabeth G

      Magical Goal:  To align myself more with my path and identity. I’ve been learning the skills to be a practical professional witch for most of my life and it is time to put it to action.

      Action Plan Mundane:

      1. Schedule more time to market myself & work the business.
      2. Take a class on branding and marketing.
      3. Cut back on the things that are no longer serving me.
      4. Say yes to more opportunities.

      I find that I have a tendency of loading up my plate so that I feel more productive, but in reality I am just taking away time for the things that mean most to me and to my path. I also tend to get impostor syndrome easily and talk myself out of opportunities because of it, even though I have been told by plenty of people that I have the skills needed. I’m challenging myself to take whatever opportunities come my way rather than letting myself back out of them and I am physically taking the time to set myself up for success.

      Action Plan Magical:

      1. Kala (x3/day) – Which is fantastic because I tend not to drink water.
      2. Candle spell – dressed and sealed with the intention to aid me on the forming of my path.
      3. Regular alignment work, not just at the surface level, but digging everything up and sorting through it.
      4. Shadow work to let go of that which doesn’t serve and team back up with those pieces of myself that deserve to be seen.
      5. Mirror work – placed upon my altar and allowing myself to truly see myself.


      I’m doing a lot of work this year to aid in pulling everything out, getting rid of everything that doesn’t serve, and reorganizing things until my truest self is all that remains. I have really gone back to the basics of my practice and I’m attempting to put aside all ego and feelings toward competence to the side and experience everything as though it is the first time. I’m currently a TA to a Witchcraft II class at the temple and so I am going back through their assignments alongside them and allowing myself to dig deeper this time around. There are always deeper sides of the self to pull up and I am done working with the plethora of masks that I have accumulated over the years.

      Kala: I have found this really good for processing things as they come up throughout the day. I work in a really stressful environment that is non-stop, so when dealing with someone frustrating or emotionally turbulent I am taking the time to turn to kala rather than to vent to the people next to me. When they turn in to me I allow myself to give them the space needed to process, but I am no longer taking on their feelings of frustration. I am almost always dehydrated as well, so I have found this helping. This is a very water-heavy year for me and I already have a water-heavy chart, so I have found that while I am taking in and diffusing unwanted energies, I am also pushing and cleansing out areas that have been blocked.

      Candle magic: I dressed a 7-day candle and created a sigil on it to remind me of my path and my work each day. I have been taking 30 minutes in my evening to sit with the lit candle and ask my spirit guides to show me whatever is necessary to align myself with the path that is correct for me and working with my familiar to take the actions to get onto that path.

      Alignment work: I have been working with deeply journeying into the realms of each of my souls and digging out everything, rekindling relationships, and doing regular feeding. I have been doing soul alignments for a long time, but I had let myself get into a space of passive alignment and home frequency tuning. I am taking a much more active approach now and digging deeper each time.

      Shadow work: A lot of the other things I have listed kind of play into this, but this year is really dedicated to shadow work and really working on myself so that I can be in a better place to hold space for and help others. I tend to be overly giving in order to avoid having to look at myself too much, and this year I am taking the path of the hermit in order to change this.

      Mirror work: I have never liked mirrors. I have never recognized the face that looks back at me from them and so they make me uncomfortable. Until recently the only mirror that we’ve had in my apartment has been the bathroom medicine cabinet. I asked my father to craft a mirror for me that has never been looked into by anyone else so that the only one looking back through it to me is myself. It’s uncomfortable and I still don’t like it, but I am making myself work with it in order to ground myself to the here and now more. I find that if I shy away from it it’s usually because I have things that need to be worked through.

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      Mat Auryn

      That sounds amazing Liz! This is like model material for what I would want to showcase as an example to other students about what their goals should be looking like. Thank you for sharing this.

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