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  • John J
    Post count: 13

    Late entry: I found this week’s exercise to be effective. Should be a useful magickal and psychological tool for years to come.

  • Markus Ironwood
    Post count: 64

    I agree. I have complex thoughts and emotions around the idea of purity and negativity. I some times have a hard time with the language of witchcraft. The practices in this tradition I’ve found to be profoundly transformative, balancing, powerful, etc, and sometimes I struggle. I want to transform and learn from my “negative” or harmful experiences, either created by me or someone else. I find that this exercise, when with out my attachment to the words negative or pure, becomes more powerful and I am able to remove the harmful, destructive thoughts from my inner dialogue, and fill that space with positive, life progressive thoughts and motivations.

    I’m curious to know how this practice has helped you since you posted back in Nov.

  • Sage
    Post count: 8

    This practice has been so transformative. I recently started embracing my genderfluid and empathic natures. I started this program to help me learn more spiritual techniques that will help me move through this time of self illumination with grace and strength. And this particular exercise has been really helpful in removing all of the thought patterns that keep me from expressing my true self. My connection to my inner most self has grown exceptionally. Which is giving greater access to my empathic abilities. I could see that i had created beliefs that didn’t support me being Me. Now i have a technique to shift these beliefs.

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