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      Chas Bogan

      Share your thoughts on The Master Key System.

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      Diane F

      I completed the forward, intro and topic one. I like that there are study guides for each topic, makes it easy to ensure that I have gotten the main points. I can tell that the people who came up with the law of attraction used this as their source, don’t know if they gave proper credit to their origins.

      I do have some struggles with the material, which I am putting on the shelf so I can learn some new tools. Those struggles are mainly due to the time period this was written, everything written as man and he, seems to be excluding women. I also don’t buy one of the major premises, that if we control our mind, we can control our external world. To me, that comes from a position of privilege, a lack of awareness of economic and political disadvantages that make it impossible for some.

      With all that on the shelf, I do like that he connected the mind with an intelligence in the solar plexus that has direct access to the universal mind. Lots of congruences with Faery, which is going to be my standard for evaluating this program, I am finding out. I am hoping to find some new tools, or strengthening old tools, irregardless of my disagreement with the premises or goals of the program.

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