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      Stephanie G

      Hello all,

      I started Mystic Dream Academy over a year ago on Jan 14 2018 During my Christmas vacation near New Years I had a jarring spiritual experience that I’m trying to make sense of. I was wondering, was an initiation ceremony performed, that I might have been a part of, that I missed? Sorry if this is a silly question,


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      M La Fura

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Any initiation is done with great care and full consent, you would be certain of this.  It sounds like you’ve had quite the experience though…. please share</p>

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      Diane F

      Hi Stephanie, I am not sure where you are in terms of studies, I don’t remember seeing any postings on the forum from you.  When you reach the 13th month lessons, there are instructions for initiation prep and instructions on how to schedule the initiation with the teachers.  the teachers decide if you are ready, mostly from reading your postings on the forums and that you have completed each lesson.  lt is not done automatically just for time spent as a student.

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      Storm Faerywolf

      Hi, Stephanie. Just catching up here. There was no initiation that was done on your behalf. All the initiations are done over Skype and the participants are fully present and aware of what is happening. No one would even attempt to do an initiation “by proxy”. With the way that we view and offer initiations, doing them without you present (i.e. on the line and able to hear the trance) would be literally impossible.

      That said, I do see that you are scheduled to attend the Black Rose Initiation ceremony this Saturday at noon Pacific time. However, this post you have made here is the only one from you.  Eligibility for the Initiation ceremony requires that you post your experiences for each and every lesson. So that would mean that you would need to go back and post for all of the 52 lessons before you are eligible. At this point I would say that it would be best for you to reschedule the ceremony for the next one, which will be on July 20. That will give you plenty of time to go back over the material and make your posts with careful thought as to what you experienced with those lessons. As of now, I have canceled your booking for this Saturday. If you *do* have all of your posts and feel that you can post them ALL before Saturday, send me a message ASAP and I will keep my eyes peeled for them. Should this happen we can still go ahead and do the ceremony on Saturday, but I would strongly recommend that –if you have not already written posts for each lesson– you take these next three months as a time of reflection and revisiting the past material so that you can make thoughtful posts in the correct way. Again, if you have any questions please let me know.

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