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    Wendy P

    This was a high John 7 days candle. I initially took this as helping spirits..anyone with other interpretations? Thx

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    Id say “Sprite” …. As in, ( it is a… )  and I would say,  yes.

    I find the image in the wax interesting, was that in there before or after???

    The Hoodooers will have much more dramatic statements than I

    they I recon will be around shortly

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    Wendy P

    Thank you for your interpretation.  This was a plain 7 day candle from a magick shop that I focused my intention on and programmed. I  asked for high John, added some roots etc.  it got rather dramatic, those faces appeared, first one then three.  I’m an experienced witch but new to conjure. I did take them as friendly when they appeared as well. I’m going to do smother ritual tho to be sure and clear any blocks.

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    Right on…

    Well, you know Sprites are young fire elementals so, that’s a good sign.   And the images in the wax , well…  I’ll leave the interpretation to you, but I see people.  Don’t know who they are… That’s up to you, but that’s one of the best pics of CEROMANCY I’ve seen….

    Totally surprised the hoodooers have not jumped in here yet….    Well,… again the message is for you.

    I dig it,


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    Kevin W

    Holy crap… it reminds me of a cave painting at Lascaux!

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    Wendy P

    I know it’s super clear, I get a lot of detailed images in wax in regular pillar candles. Like little sculptures, I take pics of them. But never in a glass candle I didn’t know it was possible. But I’m finding conjure to be very powerful. To give background I live in a haunted house. I took a very clear image of a ghost. The pic is  on my Facebook page. So I wrote a novel about his story and my journey with all of it. Sort of a witch comes out if the broom closet. So I asked high John to send me and agent and these three images people spirits showed up! I had a couple images before I’ll try to post, a heron, alligator. The candle burned down and poof they are gone.

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    Victoria F

    So many faces!

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