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The Golden Wheel Fortune-Teller

From: The Golden Wheel Dream-Book and Fortune-Teller Published by Dick & Fitzgerald, 1862 THE GOLDEN WHEEL OF FORTUNE. This singular wheel was much consulted in the middle ages, and la said to have been used by Cagliostro to aid him in his divination I have selected it from an old Latin manuscript on Astrology, and translated it into English for the benefit of those of my readers who cannot read the former language. THE GOLDEN WHEEL OF FORTUNE SHOWS: I. Whether you shall obtain the favor of the person you desire ? II. If the querent shall meet with the preferment he wisheth for ? III. Whether a sick person will recover ? IV. If the said sickness will be long or short ? V. Shall your expectation or wish succeed ? VI. If it is good for you to marry, or otherwise ? VII. Whether the friendship of a certain person will prove advantageous or not ? VIII. Whether a person shall be rich or poor ? HOW TO TELL FORTUNES BY THE GOLDEN WHEEL The person whose fortune is to be told, must place the wheel of Fortune face downward, prick into a number (it is better to [...]