May Water

While some say that May water should be collected on the first of May, a day celebrated as Beltane by Pagans, it does not typically rain on that day in many parts of the world. Others say that dew ay be collected rather than rain, but just how much dew are you going to have to collect for that. One solution I heard of involved hanging white sheets out and then wringing the dew from the on May Day, but that also implies that one lives in a damp region. A better solution is to collect water from the first rain in May, whenever that may be. May water can be used for spiritual cleansing, fertility, and youthfulness. You may bottle it up to use throughout the year; a bit added to a bath or splashed on your face should make you feel youthful and energized. MORE WATER ENTRIES

Notre Dame Water

Named after the famed cathedral of Notra Dame, early use of Notra Dame water served as an elixir. The formulary Handbuch der Pharmaceutischen Praxis form the 1870’s gives its main ingredient as tincture of arnica flower. Over time the traditional use of this product lessened, whereas because of its name it became associated with spiritual work, used for cleansing or to bring peace to one’s home. Most contemporary recipes call for floral scents, chiefly rose or citrus. +++ 2 parts Rose Hydrosol 1 part Neroli Hydrosol Read Psalm 62 over the mixture MORE WATER ENTRIES

Power Oil

3 parts Orange oil 1 part Cedar oil 1 part Ginger oil Dilute with a carrier oil, such as almond, about 3 times the volume of those you have blended. Store in a dark bottle, with 7 White Mustard seeds inside. Use this oil to add extra power to your endeavors. Placed on your feet, it is said to work against physical fatigue. When used to anoint one's brow it is said to work against mental exhaustion. Applied to the palm of your dominant hand it helps you get the upper-hand in a situation.   MORE OIL ENTRIES  

Take Me Back

To work best, this powder should make contact with the person you wish to find favor with again. It may it sprinkled in their path so that they walk upon it, or brushed onto the door handle of their car, or dusted across a letter they will at some point open and hold in their hands. This powder contain equal parts of the following. -Rose Petals -Honeysuckle Flowers -Galangal Root For best effect, chew a bit of Galangal in your mouth, saying the person's name followed by the words "take me back." Spit it into your herb mix, and grind them to a powder. You could do this in a mortar and pestle, or a coffee grinder. MORE POWDER ENTRIES  

Uncrossing Oil

Uncrossing products remove negative conditions and the barriers they present, allowing us to move ahead unshackled. -Hyssop -Lemongrass -Pennyroyal Collect these ingredients as equal parts of dried herbs. Place these in a jar and cover with a carrier oil, such as Almond or Jojoba. Seal the jar, and let the sunshine do the rest. This is done best in times of bright sun, such as summertime. The jar may be placed outside, or in a sunny window. Direct sunlight is a must. This method is called sometimes called the Simpler's Method, and is an easy way to infuse oils with the properties of herbal allies. Let the jar do its thing for a good three to four weeks, or if you want to get biblical, for forty days. A swifter method might have you heating up the oil, below the point of boiling, and adding the herbs to that. Let cool, and bottle. Of course, essential or scented oils can be used as well, and these three are easy enough to find, and not too cost prohibitive. Uncrossing oil can be used to dress candles; added to a bath or wash bucket to spiritually cleanse your person or [...]

You Up?

You will need to grind equal parts of the following into a fine dust. A coffee grinder will serve you well with this, although the deer antlers are best shaved first with a cheese grater, and the resulting shavings added to the grinder. Chicory Coffee Cocoa Powder Jasmine Flowers Deer Antler Sprinkle some of this on the path of your would-be lover. After stepping on it, they will be awake and horny that night, making it a good time to text them an invitation for some lovin'. MORE POWDER ENTRIES