FIRE: To dream of this subtle element, denotes health and happiness to the lover, marriage with the object of your affections, and many children: it also denotes that you will be very angry with some one on a trifling occasion.

-To dream you see burning lights descending, as it were from heaven, is a very bad sign indeed: it portends some dreadful accident to the dreamer, such as being hanged, losing your head, having your brains dashed out, breaking your legs, getting into prison, or other strange accidents.

-To the lover, it also denotes the loss of the affections of your sweetheart.

-To the tradesman, bad success in business.

-To dream that you are burnt by fire, denotes great danger, and that enemies will injure you.

-To the sailor, storms and shipwreck.




-from The Mystic Oracle


Do any of the following speak to you?


CANDLE:A lighted candle signifies unexpected favor.An unlighted one means “Beware of trouble!"    -from Fortunes and Dreams: A Practical Manual of Fortune Telling, Divination and the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Omens-by Astra Cielo RANDOM ENTRIES...Do any of the following speak to you?


STICK: -to hold a stick foretells mourning; -to use it as a prop, instability of fortune; -to beat any one with it shows you are charitable; -to receive a beating with one predicts trouble and lawsuits. Lucky Numbers: 41, 56     -from Mother Shipton’s Gipsy Fortune Teller and Dream Book: Dreams and Their Interpretations; and Numbers of the Lottery to which They Apply   RANDOM ENTRIES... Do any of the following speak to you?


JAIL: If you dream of seeing others in jail, you will be deprived of your own liberty. If you dream of being imprisoned, you will be elevated to a high station in life and increase your number of friends.     -from The Witches’ Dream Book, and Fortune Teller -by A.H. Noe     RANDOM ENTRIES... Do any of the following speak to you?


HAIR: -braiding — Match-making. Lucky Number: 192 -combing — Fortune in business of all kind, success in litigations. Lucky Number: 178 -cut, getting one's — Freedom from disagreeable affairs, good luck. -cutting — Being released of a troublesome business. Lucky Number: 248 -having beautiful black — Health. Lucky Number: 179 -having entangled — Domestic discord, shame, damage to character. Lucky Number: 15 -having gray — Load of cares. Lucky Number: 8 -having long — Being honored and loved. Lucky Number: 9 -red — Having enemies ; others interpret it being in favor. Lucky Number: 130 -losing — Bad times. Lucky Number: 96 -seeing ringlets of — Becoming high-minded. -wearing false — Falling into sickness; trouble. -hair-dresser, seeing or talking to a — Approach of hardship and toil.     -from Mehemet Ali's Oriental Interpretation of Dreams RANDOM ENTRIES... Do any of the following speak to you?


DIAMONDS: To dreeam you wear a diamond, denotes that you will "be crossed in love, and that your lover is unfaithful. -For a man of business to dream that he is dealing in diamonds, is good, it is a sure thing with, him, that he will become wealthy, and retire to private life much respected. Lucky Numbers: 33, 3   -from The Golden Wheel Dream-Book and Fortune-Teller: Being the Most Complete Work on Fortune-Telling and Interpreting Dreams Ever Printed, Containing an Alphabetical List of Dreams, with their Interpretation, and the Lucky Numbers they Signify -by Felix Fontaine RANDOM ENTRIES... Do any of the following speak to you?

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