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When the letter Y features prominently in a dream…

Y is a letter of promise, but its fulfillment is often long deferred. It is a patient letter, as the knowledge that one may have long to wait induces patience. Another tendency of the letter is to help in upbuilding the memory. Under favorable conditions a Y may be blessed with psychic powers.  Y might tend strongly towards egotism.

-from The Ancient Science of Numbers: The Practical Application of Its Principles In the Attainment of Health, Success, and Happiness
-by Luo Clement


Do any of the following speak to you?


Yeast: If a young housewife dreams that she is kneading bread with yeast, she may conclude that she will be the mother of a large family of children.   -from The Witches’ Dream Book, and Fortune Teller -by A.H. Noe RANDOM ENTRIES... Do any of the following speak to you?