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When the letter M features prominently in a dream…

M’s success comes from executing plans made by others. It sometimes shows some originality, especially when it becomes a worker of the soil, but its strongest quality is spirituality. Under proper vibrations it may develop remarkable psychic gifts, and there is no letter that will bear a cross so bravely, or with so little complaint.

-from The Ancient Science of Numbers: The Practical Application of Its Principles In the Attainment of Health, Success, and Happiness
-by Luo Clement


Do any of the following speak to you?


MIRROR: To see yourself in the glass denotes wounded pride or sickness. -To break one, misadventure.   -from Fortunes and Dreams: A Practical Manual of Fortune Telling, Divination and the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Omens -by Astra Cielo   RANDOM ENTRIES... Do any of the following speak to you?