Mystic Dream Dictionary is a collection of various subjects one might encounter in a dream, with meanings gathered from a variety of sources.

Understanding dream symbolism is a personal enterprise. The meaning of any symbol may be entirely personal, or cultural, or part of our shared human consciousness. To complicate the matter, many hold that the world of dreams is like a mirror, in which we actually see reverse images, so that whatever we see actually possesses the opposite meaning of what it might connote in the waking world. Without bias to any one theory, we have included meanings from a variety of sources. Should you find yourself unable to comprehend the symbols in your dream, this dictionary serves to give you some ideas that may likely apply.

In some instances, lucky numbers are included. This is a tradition found in many an old dream book, working from the belief that each symbol that stands out in a dream has a number associated with it, and that these may be used to your advantage in games of chance.


Do any of the following speak to you?



A lighted candle signifies unexpected favor.

An unlighted one means “Beware of trouble!”




-from Fortunes and Dreams:
A Practical Manual of Fortune Telling, Divination and the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Omens
-by Astra Cielo

Uncrossing Oil

Uncrossing products remove negative conditions and the barriers they present, allowing us to move ahead unshackled.




Collect these ingredients as equal parts of dried herbs. Place these in a jar and cover with a carrier oil, such as Almond or Jojoba. Seal the jar, and let the sunshine do the rest. This is done best in times of bright sun, such as summertime. The jar may be placed outside, or in a sunny window. Direct sunlight is a must. This method is called sometimes called the Simpler’s Method, and is an easy way to infuse oils with the properties of herbal allies. Let the jar do its thing for a good three to four weeks, or if you want to get biblical, for forty days.

A swifter method might have you heating up the oil, below the point of boiling, and adding the herbs to that. Let cool, and bottle.

Of course, essential or scented oils can be used as well, and these three are easy enough to find, and not too cost prohibitive.

Uncrossing oil can be used to dress candles; added to a bath or wash bucket to spiritually cleanse your person or home; and many other uses as well.





To dream you fall into a pit, and cannot get out easily, denotes some serious calamity;

-to the sailor ship-wreck

-to the farmer a bad harvest.

-But to dream you fail into A pit and cannot get out by any means, augurs death.

Lucky Numbers: 41, 45, 61




-from Madame Zadkiel’s Fortune Teller and Mirror of Fate



COMET: To dream you see one of these extraordinary aethereal substances is ominous of war, plague, famine, and death;

-to the lover it forebodes an entire frustration of his hopes;

-to the farmer, failure of crops;

-to the seaman, storms and shipwrecks;

-after such a dream change, if possible, you present place of residence.




from The Mystic Oracle



-To dream that you see a clear fountain sparkling in the sunlight, denotes vast possessions, ecstatic delights and many pleasant journeys.

-A clouded fountain, denotes the insincerity of associates and unhappy engagements and love affairs.

-A dry and broken fountain, indicates death and cessation of pleasures.

-For a young woman to see a sparkling fountain in the moonlight, signifies ill-advised pleasure which may result in a desertion.



-from Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or, What’s in a Dream, a Scientific and Practical Exposition
-by Gustavus Hindman Miller

Take Me Back

To work best, this powder should make contact with the person you wish to find favor with again. It may it sprinkled in their path so that they walk upon it, or brushed onto the door handle of their car, or dusted across a letter they will at some point open and hold in their hands. This powder contain equal parts of the following.

-Rose Petals

-Honeysuckle Flowers

-Galangal Root

For best effect, chew a bit of Galangal in your mouth, saying the person’s name followed by the words “take me back.” Spit it into your herb mix, and grind them to a powder. You could do this in a mortar and pestle, or a coffee grinder.



Court Case Powder

You will need approximately equal parts of the following:

Calamus Root

Galangal Root

Licorice Root

Grind these into a powder. I repeatedly grind and sift these, removing any stringy bits. This goal of this formula is to make you a winner by dominating others involved in your case, such as those whose lawsuit is against you, as well as judge and jurors. When attending court, place some of this powder in your shoes. Documents presented to the court, or else mailed, can first be dusted with this powder.



Power Oil

3 parts Orange oil

1 part Cedar oil

1 part Ginger oil

Dilute with a carrier oil, such as almond, about 3 times the volume of those you have blended.

Store in a dark bottle, with 7 White Mustard seeds inside.

Use this oil to add extra power to your endeavors. Placed on your feet, it is said to work against physical fatigue. When used to anoint one’s brow it is said to work against mental exhaustion. Applied to the palm of your dominant hand it helps you get the upper-hand in a situation.




Recent Going-Ons

Recent Going-Ons

Having completed by book and various other projects I have recently refocused my attention to updating the Academy. Some of this is cosmetic, such as new sidebars (now with links that actually work), and the general look of things. Beyond that, I wanted to let everyone know in brief what has been evolving around her, and what can be expected.

The Formulary page has changed. Back when the academy was a Ning site, it had hosted a good number of recipes. When we switched to this site I found the task of recreating the formulary to be daunting, especially given the limits of our theme. Therefore, our formulary has been less than stellar here, which I have taken the steps towards changing, finally. I have plenty of recipes to post, and hope to be adding an average of three new ones per week.

Another thing I plan to update in kind is our new Mystic Dream Dictionary. This project seemed like a no brainer, since the word ‘dream’ is in our very name. I’ve always had a fascination for old Dream Books and Dictionaries. How it is that others interpret things fascinates me. I hope you all get something out of this project.

A Course In Modern Conjure has been shut off to new students. Having written my first book on the subject I realized that I had a lot more to say, and am currently updating the entire curriculum. The class will be opened again before my book comes out in February. Anyone who was already enrolled or has graduated will have access to all the new material.

As a resource for the class I recently added the KJV of the Book of Psalms to our Free Resources.

That is about it. We should hopefully be changing our Chat Room soon. We are testing our other options, not satisfied with what we currently have. Hopefully this will result in better face to face interactions.

Hot Foot

Hot Foot powder is used to physically chase a person away. It’s ingredients mostly consist of items that would literally cause irritation, heat and unrest.

by Robert Johnson

You sprinkled hot foot powder, mmm
mmm, around my door
All around my door
You sprinkled hot foot powder
All around your daddy’s door, hmm hmm hmm
It keep me with ramblin’ mind, rider
Every old place I go
Every old place I go


Cayenne Pepper Ground
Stinging Nettle Ground
Dirt from the center of a crossroads

This you would sprinkle in the path of your target while quietly repeating his name. The curse takes action against him once he treads on it, making his feet hot, making him squirm, until eventually he must hit the road.


Black Mustard Seed
Black Pepper

Grind these three together.


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