When the letter T features prominently in a dream…

T, while rich in individuality, knows no middle ground. It is righteous. or the contrary; will save, or slay; will upbuild, or break down. T is usually dictatorial, and will seek to control every individual who comes within its influence. It is the natural moulder, and is unhappy if it cannot shape things to its liking. As T is also the symbol of the law of divine compensation, it demands the privilege of reaping when it has sown. To enjoy success under T one must attain to the mastery of self, for, even when In perfect harmony, a T must be a master of self-control, that the maleficent influences of the letter may have no opportunity to dominate.

-from The Ancient Science of Numbers: The Practical Application of Its Principles In the Attainment of Health, Success, and Happiness
-by Luo Clement


Do any of the following speak to you?


THUNDER: To dream of a thunderstorm denotes danger or death to a friend.




-from Fortunes and Dreams:
A Practical Manual of Fortune Telling, Divination and the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Omens
-by Astra Cielo



TOOTH: To dream that you have the tooth-ache is a sign of trouble.

-If you imagine that you are about to have the tooth pulled, it foretells that your trouble will end by a piece of good luck.

-If you dream that the tooth is out, and you have it in your hand, you
will soon gain a good lump of money.

Lucky Numbers: 8, 5, 34

-from The Golden Wheel Dream-Book and Fortune-Teller
-by Felix Fontaine


-Cleaning — Troubling one’s self for others, hindrances.
Lucky Number: 240

-Extracting — Riches.
Lucky Number: 335

-Having beautiful white — Self-conceit, vanity.
Lucky Number: 53

-Losing — Loss of friends by death, or other misfortune; for sick persons, convalescence.
Lucky Number: 21

-from Mehmet Ali’s Oriental Interpretation of Dreams


TAIL: To Dream you wear a tail, signifies profit, but to see animals with tails, such as monkeys or apes, shows abundance of company or amusements.

Lucky Numbers: 13, 35, 53


-from Madame Zadkiel’s Fortune Teller and Mirror of Fate

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