When the letter D features prominently in a dream…

D is a letter of balance, a good number for an anchor; a strong force in the establishment of equilibrium. While it is capable of giving poise in conditions of nervousness, however, any inharmonious vibrations are apt to change its character conspicuously, bringing afflictions of every sort — losses in business, misfortunes in associations, and, physically, diseases that are slow in response to treatment, particularly afflictions of the intestines. D is naturally of sterling character ; loyal to friends, and, while not especially philanthropic, is usually generous to those who have any right to expect such generosity. D, however, generally insists that other people shall live up to its own particular ideal of right and justice, and it is extremely important that the 4 itself should obey the same law, for the slightest deviation from the path of sterling honesty, or the smallest tendency in the direction of intemperance, will change a noble character into one that is distinctively ignoble. Being an admirer of nature, and a home lover, it is no uncommon thing to find D associated with agricultural persuits, and the owning of animals.

-from The Ancient Science of Numbers: The Practical Application of Its Principles In the Attainment of Health, Success, and Happiness
-by Luo Clement


Do any of the following speak to you?


DICE: To dream of playing with dice is a sign of disgrace, or that you will do some act that, if it is not bad in itself, will cause people to censure you for.

-To a young girl engaged to be married, dreaming of dice foretells that her lover will be wild and not of much account.

Lucky Numbers: 8, 7

-from Mother Shipton’s Gipsy Fortune Teller and Dream Book:
Dreams and Their Interpretations; and Numbers of the Lottery to which They Apply

https://www.themysticdreamacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Shiptons.jpg” />


DOLPHIN: To dream of a dolphin, shows to seafaring men a wind from the place whence you dream he cometh.

But to dream you see the dolphin out of water, signifies the death of friends.

-from The Witches’ Dream Book, and Fortune Teller
-by A.H. Noe


DIAMONDS: To dreeam you wear a diamond, denotes that you will “be crossed in love, and that your lover is unfaithful.

-For a man of business to dream that he is dealing in diamonds, is good, it is a sure thing with, him, that he will become wealthy, and retire to private life much respected.

Lucky Numbers: 33, 3


-from The Golden Wheel Dream-Book and Fortune-Teller: Being the Most Complete Work on Fortune-Telling and Interpreting Dreams Ever Printed, Containing an Alphabetical List of Dreams, with their Interpretation, and the Lucky Numbers they Signify
-by Felix Fontaine

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