When the letter C features prominently in a dream…

Because C is a scattering letter it does not lend itself readily to work of accumulation; because it is a spiritual letter it is not in harmony with material things. C belongs to the intellectual vibrations, and frequently manifests itself in authorship, or in some other artistic profession.It makes the good talker, and would supply a ready spring of inspiration for the orator, or promoter. It indicates the power to design. It also insures executive ability, but it is not conducive to the completion of plans once they have been made, especially when these plans are those of other persons. In constructive work, its efforts tend towards the spiritual rather than the material. C governs the liver, notably inharmonious vibrations often exhibit themselves in that organ. As it also affects the lungs and bronchial tubes, these parts of the body should be watched for any indication of discord.

-from The Ancient Science of Numbers: The Practical Application of Its Principles In the Attainment of Health, Success, and Happiness
-by Luo Clement


Do any of the following speak to you?



A lighted candle signifies unexpected favor.

An unlighted one means “Beware of trouble!”




-from Fortunes and Dreams:
A Practical Manual of Fortune Telling, Divination and the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Omens
-by Astra Cielo



COMET: To dream you see one of these extraordinary aethereal substances is ominous of war, plague, famine, and death;

-to the lover it forebodes an entire frustration of his hopes;

-to the farmer, failure of crops;

-to the seaman, storms and shipwrecks;

-after such a dream change, if possible, you present place of residence.




from The Mystic Oracle


COFFIN: Speedy convalescence of a sick person.
Lucky Number: 28

-With a dead body inside: A sudden case of death.
Lucky Number: 59


-from Mehemet Ali’s Oriental interpretation of dreams


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