Mystic Dream Dictionary is a collection of various subjects one might encounter in a dream, with meanings gathered from a variety of sources.

Understanding dream symbolism is a personal enterprise. The meaning of any symbol may be entirely personal, or cultural, or part of our shared human consciousness. To complicate the matter, many hold that the world of dreams is like a mirror, in which we actually see reverse images, so that whatever we see actually possesses the opposite meaning of what it might connote in the waking world. Without bias to any one theory, we have included meanings from a variety of sources. Should you find yourself unable to comprehend the symbols in your dream, this dictionary serves to give you some ideas that may likely apply.

In some instances, lucky numbers are included. This is a tradition found in many an old dream book, working from the belief that each symbol that stands out in a dream has a number associated with it, and that these may be used to your advantage in games of chance.


Do any of the following speak to you?

Black Rose Witchcraft Stands With Families

Black Rose Witchcraft Stands With Families

“Ye who are poor suffer with hunger keen,
And toll in wretchedness, and suffer too
Full oft imprisonment; yet with it all
Ye have a soul, and for your sufferings
Ye shall be happy in the other world,
But ill the fate of all who do ye wrong!”

Aradia, Gospel of the Witches

Stop Separating Immigrant Families Press Conference and Rally Chicago Illinois 6-5-18.

Black Rose Witchcraft wishes to express outrage and concern regarding the current United States government policy which cruelly separates immigrant children from their families. We affirm the human rights of each and every individual regardless of any class or status, full stop. Country of origin, sex, gender, race, religion, age, physical or mental ability, or economic status cannot be allowed to determine whether or not someone should be treated with compassion and respect. To deny these people basic dignity is a violation of international law and a threat to common ethical decency. We cannot stand silent while the government continues to pave the way toward the dehumanization of entire classes of people, which history has shown is a clear antecedent to genocide. The founders of Black Rose stand united in opposition to this clear example of evil and call upon all people to stand up and do the same.

We call upon the spirits of healing and ask that they comfort and protect those who are vulnerable and alone. Diana, Mother of All Life, come to your frightened children and give them comfort and strength. Lucifer, Star of the Morning, shine your light into the darkness and be a beacon of hope.

But to address only those who have already been harmed is in effect to help allow the practice to continue. It must be stopped. And historically, as Aradiatells us, it is the divine purpose of witches to radically champion the oppressed, even as warriors.

“And thou shalt be the first of witches known;
And thou shalt be the first of all i’ the world;
And thou shalt teach the art of poisoning,
Of poisoning those who are great lords of all;
Yea, thou shalt make them die in their palaces;
And thou shalt bind the oppressor’s soul (with power)”

“And when a priest shall do you injury
By his benedictions, ye shall do to him
Double the harm, and do it in the name
Of me, Diana, Queen of witches all!”

“For the true God the Father is not yours;
For I have come to sweep away the bad,
The men of evil, all will I destroy!”

We call upon the sprits of wrath and ask that they feed upon the life and wills of those who would enact such cruel and inhuman assaults against human dignity. One by one do you weaken and fall. One by one you are left with nothing but the truth of what you have done. And faced with your own evil, by your conscious choice will you be judged. Renounce your actions and make reparative justice and be freed from this curse. Continue on your path and choose your doom. So must it be.


Photo credit: Charles Edward Miller


BURIED ALIVE: For a man to dream he is buried alive, shows he is in danger of being unhappy and unfortunate during his life.

-To dream you see a burial is a sign of long life.




-from Napoleon’s Oraculum, and Dream Book

You Up?

You will need to grind equal parts of the following into a fine dust. A coffee grinder will serve you well with this, although the deer antlers are best shaved first with a cheese grater, and the resulting shavings added to the grinder.

Cocoa Powder
Jasmine Flowers
Deer Antler

Sprinkle some of this on the path of your would-be lover. After stepping on it, they will be awake and horny that night, making it a good time to text them an invitation for some lovin’.



Business Draw

Traditionally, such an incense would be burned in one’s shop or office, to literally draw customers and clients through the door. In the modern age, when so much commerce and business is done digitally, it can be used wherever you do business, to serve as a conduit to lift your prayers to heaven or send your affirmations aloft.


Business Attraction

1 part Sarsaparilla Chips
1 part Cinnamon Chips
1 part Rose Hips
3 parts Benzoin Resin



Cleansing Incense

Cleansing incenses purge negativity with smoke, leaving an environment or body spiritually clean. Ingredients are often chosen for their known purgative effects, or for their strong scent–as it is believed that devils are chased away by certain odors.

The following recipes are best burned on a charcoal.


Holy Breath

Mix equal parts:

Crushed Camphor

The camphor used here is the type commonly found in squares, such as are placed around one’s yard to keep deer away. Devils dislike it too.


Sedona Wind

1 part ground Rosemary
1 part ground White Sage
2 parts ground Frankincense




FIRE: To dream of this subtle element, denotes health and happiness to the lover, marriage with the object of your affections, and many children: it also denotes that you will be very angry with some one on a trifling occasion.

-To dream you see burning lights descending, as it were from heaven, is a very bad sign indeed: it portends some dreadful accident to the dreamer, such as being hanged, losing your head, having your brains dashed out, breaking your legs, getting into prison, or other strange accidents.

-To the lover, it also denotes the loss of the affections of your sweetheart.

-To the tradesman, bad success in business.

-To dream that you are burnt by fire, denotes great danger, and that enemies will injure you.

-To the sailor, storms and shipwreck.




-from The Mystic Oracle


DICE: To dream of playing with dice is a sign of disgrace, or that you will do some act that, if it is not bad in itself, will cause people to censure you for.

-To a young girl engaged to be married, dreaming of dice foretells that her lover will be wild and not of much account.

Lucky Numbers: 8, 7

-from Mother Shipton’s Gipsy Fortune Teller and Dream Book:
Dreams and Their Interpretations; and Numbers of the Lottery to which They Apply” />


THUNDER: To dream of a thunderstorm denotes danger or death to a friend.




-from Fortunes and Dreams:
A Practical Manual of Fortune Telling, Divination and the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Omens
-by Astra Cielo



TOOTH: To dream that you have the tooth-ache is a sign of trouble.

-If you imagine that you are about to have the tooth pulled, it foretells that your trouble will end by a piece of good luck.

-If you dream that the tooth is out, and you have it in your hand, you
will soon gain a good lump of money.

Lucky Numbers: 8, 5, 34

-from The Golden Wheel Dream-Book and Fortune-Teller
-by Felix Fontaine


-Cleaning — Troubling one’s self for others, hindrances.
Lucky Number: 240

-Extracting — Riches.
Lucky Number: 335

-Having beautiful white — Self-conceit, vanity.
Lucky Number: 53

-Losing — Loss of friends by death, or other misfortune; for sick persons, convalescence.
Lucky Number: 21

-from Mehmet Ali’s Oriental Interpretation of Dreams


GEESE: If you dream of the cackling of geese, you will have an increase of business, and much profit.

Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 6

-from Madame Zadkiel’s Fortune Teller and Mirror of Fate

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