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Ammonia is easy to come by and has a variety of uses in Conjure. It can be substituted from urine–sometimes referred to as chamber lye. Use of ammonia can be found in everything from protection spells to those for prosperity. It is also used for cleaning, which is also what it is most often used for commercially. +++ A popular sidewalk wash consists of 1 part sugar, 1 part cinnamon, and 1 part ammonia (or urine). Dilute this mixture in a bucket of water and use it to wash outside your place of business, sweeping towards the door to your establishment. This is said to bring business, and is best done on a Friday. +++ A capful can be added to a soaking bath for cleaning work, but only a capful, as too much ammonia irritates the skin. MORE WATER ENTRIES

Florida Water

The spicy-flowery notes of Florida Water are complemented by sweet orange, lavender, and clove. Always promoted as a unisex scent, Florida Water can be used as a body splash, aftershave, skin toner, linen sprinkle, and so much more. Not as obtrusive or long-lasting as perfume or cologne, Florida Water is a light, refreshing tonic suitable for daily use. The cooling, soothing, refreshing properties of Florida Water are valuable in many applications. Perhaps the tonic nature of this cleansing scent promoted its use in various spiritual practices. It has a long tradition in various folk applications, from cooling aching feet and rubbing down aching muscles, to adding to bathing water, and to sprinkling about the home for a refreshing, “just-cleaned,” spiritually-elevated feeling. Some use Florida Water to refresh their heads, to cleanse their environment, and to cool the “atmosphere” in their homes. +++ Suggested by Grey Townsend From Fennerer’s Complete Formulary published in 1888: 4347. Florida Water.— Oil of Lavender Flowers, English, 6 fl.drachms, Oil of Bergamot 2 fl.drachms, Oil of Lemon 1 1/2 fl.drachm, Oil of Cloves 20 minims, Oil of Cassia 10 minims, Oil of Orange 30 minims, Essence Rose 60 minims, Essence Neroli 10 minims, Cologne [...]

Four Thieves Vinegar

Because Four Thieves Vinegar has a reputation and tradition of its own, separate from that of other forms of vinegar, we have given it it’s own entry here. To quote from our Four Thieves Vinegar product page at The Mystic Dream: Folklore tells us of four thieves who concocted a special vinegar that kept them healthy even as they robbed graves during the Black Plague. Folk tradition utilizes this vinegar for the purpose of cleansing and protection, often adding it to a wash. There are a multiple recipes out there for Four Thieves Vinegar; for our Modern Conjure Brand we have settled on the popular four ingredient version, an herb for each thief. Our bottles are filled with a sprig of rosemary, chunks of garlic, whole sage leaf and sprinkles of lavender. Looks lovely; smells delicious; protects against evil forces, what more could you ask for? As we will see, there are many recipes out there for this vinegar. Typically those that are intended for consumption utilize a good tasting vinegar, such as apple cider or basaltic, while distilled white vinegar is more often used for washing formulas. +++ Add to a bottle of Red Wine Vinegar the following items: [...]

Goona Goona

The product details for our own Modern Conjure Brand Lusty Goona Goona water sums it up in saying: Goona Goona products first appeared on the curio market in the 1930’s, when ‘Goona Goona’ was popular slang for sex. Later, after the slang phrase fell out of favor, Goona Goona products were described as promoting peace and understanding; however the spicey ingredients are more often used for sexual allure. +++ 1/4 juiced Ginger 3 parts Neroli Hydrosol 1 part Rose Hydrosol 1 part Tonka Absolute Mix with 3 parts distilled water MORE WATER ENTRIES

May Water

While some say that May water should be collected on the first of May, a day celebrated as Beltane by Pagans, it does not typically rain on that day in many parts of the world. Others say that dew ay be collected rather than rain, but just how much dew are you going to have to collect for that. One solution I heard of involved hanging white sheets out and then wringing the dew from the on May Day, but that also implies that one lives in a damp region. A better solution is to collect water from the first rain in May, whenever that may be. May water can be used for spiritual cleansing, fertility, and youthfulness. You may bottle it up to use throughout the year; a bit added to a bath or splashed on your face should make you feel youthful and energized. MORE WATER ENTRIES

Notre Dame Water

Named after the famed cathedral of Notra Dame, early use of Notra Dame water served as an elixir. The formulary Handbuch der Pharmaceutischen Praxis form the 1870’s gives its main ingredient as tincture of arnica flower. Over time the traditional use of this product lessened, whereas because of its name it became associated with spiritual work, used for cleansing or to bring peace to one’s home. Most contemporary recipes call for floral scents, chiefly rose or citrus. +++ 2 parts Rose Hydrosol 1 part Neroli Hydrosol Read Psalm 62 over the mixture MORE WATER ENTRIES