30 03, 2016

Website Updates

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We have been working hard to improve the site and try to stamp out some of those bugs that have been reported. I am happy to report that today we have come a long way toward making the site easier for you to use, especially for mobile users. Mobile users should now be able to access the main menu without any interruptions (previously an admin bar was accidentally placed over this mobile access area) and we have also restored the class-specific menus both for mobile and desktop users. Now you should be able to navigate properly. As always, if anyone is having any trouble please send Chas, Devin, or myself a private message and we will look into it.

12 12, 2015

Recipes for Blessing Oil

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Reposted from the Mystic Dream Academy formulary http://www.themysticdreamacademy.com/free-resources/formulary/#oils What is the nature of the blessing you seek? Is it to bless a newborn, a deck of Tarot cards, a business endeavor? Based on its application, a blessing formula may contain ingredients—essential oils, scents, herbs, curios—specific to a single goal; therefore an oil to bless a newborn may be fresh olive oil over which Psalm 127 has been read aloud; a Tarot deck blessing may include botanicals used to induce psychic power, such as star anise, bay leaf, heliotrope, wormwood, and so forth. Below you will find recipes for general blessing, formulas that may be used for any situation. If you wish to emphasize a purpose, such as for your business venture, then one of the following blessing formulas may be blending with another mixture such as Money Come To Me or Crown Of Success. When we look [...]

14 07, 2015

The Golden Wheel Fortune-Teller

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From: The Golden Wheel Dream-Book and Fortune-Teller Published by Dick & Fitzgerald, 1862 THE GOLDEN WHEEL OF FORTUNE. This singular wheel was much consulted in the middle ages, and la said to have been used by Cagliostro to aid him in his divination I have selected it from an old Latin manuscript on Astrology, and translated it into English for the benefit of those of my readers who cannot read the former language. THE GOLDEN WHEEL OF FORTUNE SHOWS: I. Whether you shall obtain the favor of the person you desire ? II. If the querent shall meet with the preferment he wisheth for ? III. Whether a sick person will recover ? IV. If the said sickness will be long or short ? V. Shall your expectation or wish succeed ? VI. If it is good for you to marry, or otherwise ? VII. Whether the friendship of a [...]

12 07, 2015

Group Functionality

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Some of you have asked “what is the function of the Groups on this site.” After some deliberation we have concluded that their main function is to: a. provide a structure for various plug-ins to work from b. provide redundancy and general confusion For this reason I am booting folk from groups. If you have been a member of a group, I thank you for having accepted my invitation to join that group; sorry for there having been no good reason to have done so. This action will not change your permissions any. Persons joining after 7/11/15 needn’t be concerned with this whatsoever. -Chas

8 07, 2015

Links to Forum Pages

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We are currently adding links to the bottom of each lesson that leads to its forum, making it that much easier to share your thoughts. Our Course In Modern Conjure has links already, by we will be adding image links in the future for a more elegant solution. Here is an image of the new Black Rose image link to forums. SaveSave

25 06, 2015

COMING SOON: Devin Hunter’s Psychic Apprenticeship

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Join world famous psychic medium Devin Hunter for this twelve month course in advanced psychic training and ability integration. Each module contains audio tapings of live classes, workbook, assignments and quizzes, guided meditations, and one-on-one time with Devin. Class space is limited, registration opens July 11. Class begins August 22.

25 06, 2015

COMING SOON: The Sacred Fires Tradition Of Witchcraft

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The Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft is a member of both the modern Humanist and Goddess movements. Founded in 2010 by Devin Hunter, Sacred Fires started as a spiritual meeting ground for ecstatic and shamanic witchcraft practices. Eventually Sacred Fires would grow to provide metaphysical training for psychics, manifesters, and magic practitioners seeking to understand their connection to the divine as preternatural beings. As Sacred Fires grew it’s members eventually joined together to create a thriving spiritual community that now supports several organizations under its umbrella.PREREQUISITE: Black Rose Witchcraft

21 06, 2015

I’m Not Your Friend, Buddy

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Our site has the option to friend people. I hear you saying to yourself "I have plenty of friends, why bother with more, it's just one more birthday a year I have to acknowledge." Listen Pal, I'm with ya, but there are some benefits to friending folk here. Some of these features will be added later, such as the ability to see a feed of all your friends' activity. Like with Facebook and other social media platforms, this will help you keep track of people whose insights you admire or who you otherwise wish to keep track of. It also allows you to correspond with them better, as certain settings are shut off for this site to avoid spam.

18 06, 2015

Members Page

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Wondering how to find your coven mates here? We have added a Members Page to the main menu that is visible only to members of the academy.