19 07, 2017


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NOSE: Dreaming one has a fair and great nose, is good to all; for it implies subtlety of sense, providence in afFairs, and acquaintance with great persons. But to dream one has no nose, means the contrary; and to a sick man, death; for dead men's heads have no nose. If any one dreams his nose is larger than ordinary, he will become rich and powerful, provident and subtle, and be well received among grandees. Dreaming one has two noses, implies discord and quarrels. If one dreams that his nose is grown so big that it is deformed and hideous to the sight, he will live in prosperity and abundance, but never gain the love of the people. If any one dreams his nose is stopped, so that he hath lost his scent, it signifies he is in danger from a supposed friend. -from Napoleon’s Oraculum, and Dream Book [...]

12 07, 2017


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NEST: To find a bird's nest signifies the augmentation of your family. -To see a nest of snakes, a bad reputation. Lucky Numbers: 18, 28, 45.     -from Mother Shipton’s Gipsy Fortune Teller and Dream Book: Dreams and Their Interpretations; and Numbers of the Lottery to which They Apply     RANDOM ENTRIES... Do any of the following speak to you?