3 08, 2017


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GEESE: If you dream of the cackling of geese, you will have an increase of business, and much profit. Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 6 -from Madame Zadkiel’s Fortune Teller and Mirror of Fate RANDOM ENTRIES... Do any of the following speak to you?

11 07, 2017


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GALLOWS: To dream of seeing a friend on the gallows of execution, foretells that desperate emergencies must be met with decision, or a great calamity will befall you. -To dream that you are on a gallows, denotes that you will suffer from the maliciousness of false friends. -For a young woman to dream that she sees her lover executed by this means, denotes that she will marry an unscrupulous and designing man. -If you rescue any one from the gallows, it portends desirable acquisitions. -To dream that you hang an enemy, denotes victory in all spheres.     -from Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or, What's in a Dream, a Scientific and Practical Exposition -by Gustavus Hindman Miller     GALLOWS: To dream of the gallows, is a most fortunate omen, it shows that the dreamer will become rich, and arrive at great honors -To the lover, [...]