Black Rose Witchcraft FAQs

NOTICE (Updated Jan. 8, 2021)

We are currently in the process of dismantling our messaging system and discussion forums in favor of private servers on Discord. The invitation link is now LIVE and located in the first lesson of the course. Every 4th lesson (the final in each month) will also have a secret password that you can use to access the relevant Homework discussion channels there. We will be deleting the forums and message system here on Feb. 1, 2021. Direct all questions to faculty on the Discord server, or email

How Often Will I Receive Instructions?

New lessons will become available every seven days, starting the date (and time) you joined. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THEM IN YOUR INBOX. They will automatically unlock based on the date and time of your registration. You must log-in to the site and go to the lessons page to check to see if your next lesson has become available. You are expected to read and perform the exercises and rituals given in one lesson before starting on the next. You are, however, welcome to take the lessons at your own pace (though new lessons will not unlock earlier than each seven days). If one week’s lesson takes you a month to complete, that’s fine. Your next lessons will be unlocked and waiting for you on the site when you want them.

Where do I find my lessons?

Lessons can be found on the lessons page.  Make sure to check this page each week and click the appropriate lesson to see if you have been given access, as you will not receive a notification when the lessons have been unlocked. The lesson page is accessible from the main menu, which will take you to the following address

Why can’t I access my next lesson?

This is the number one question we receive. It is likely because the next lesson has not yet had time to unlock. Lessons automatically unlock once per week, down to the minute. If you sign up on a Monday then lesson 1 will be immediately available and lesson 2 will become available the following Monday. Lesson 3 will unlock a week after that, and so on. This is true whether you are on the monthly subscription or if you paid in full.

What Is Expected Of Me?

You should keep a journal that is just for your work in Black Rose in which you will document each meditation and ritual you perform for this class. Using these entries, you are instructed to compile a document that briefly describes your experiences with each lesson (roughly 600 words max per entry, please) making sure that each entry is clearly labeled with their lesson number. Once you have completed this course, you will send this document to Storm (@Faerywolf in our private Discord server) for him to review. Only students who have completed the course and have submitted their posts to Storm are eligible for the Black Rose initiation.

Questions concerning class material should be posted in the corresponding discussion channel on our private Discord server (you will receive an invite with your first lesson). FOR EXAMPLE: Questions about material given in lessons 1 through 4 should be directed to the “month-1” channel, while questions about Lesson 30 should be directed to “month-8”. This post should have the word “Question” appear in the beginning of the post.

Questions posted in the Discord channels will be read and answered by fellow students, as well as Black Rose initiates, Sacred Fires students, and BlueRose Practitioners and Dedicants. To ask questions specifically of the teachers, please direct them as a private messages as they do not personally maintain the channels.

Behavior that is threatening, insulting, rude, flaming, or toxic will not be tolerated. An admin will give you a gentle warning if necessary and repeated offenders will be dropped with no refunds being given.

How Do I Use the site?

If you are logged in and you visit the main Black Rose area (direct link: you will see several choices on the class menu bar.

‘Lessons’ is a page with links to each lesson in Black Rose, arranged in thirteen monthly sections which contain 4 weekly lessons for that month. ‘Lesson 1: Month 1, Week 1’ becomes available the moment you signed up and were granted access to the class. After that each seven days the next lesson will ‘unlock’ and you will be granted access. Simply return to this page after access has been granted and you will find the link active.

‘Teachers’ provides links to the individual booking pages for our teachers, Chas, Devin, and Storm. Private sessions can be booked here at a discounted rate, exclusive to Black Rose members.

‘Resources’ is a place where you can find supporting information for the Black Rose work, such as links to our online store where you can purchase supplies, order magical services such as Setting Lights, or check out our recommended reading list. You can also find a discount code usable at

‘FAQs’ is this page which is updated as needed.

And finally, ‘Calendar’ provides a Google calendar detailing events pertinent to Black Rose.

Once Initiated, will anyone I initiate also have a lineage?

No. The Black Rose initiation can be viewed as similar to a “first degree” which, traditionally, does not confer the authority to initiate others. Black Rose is a beginning-to-intermediate level school.

If I use this material in my Coven, will they be a “Black Rose” coven?

You could say it is “Black Rose inspired” or something like that, but Black Rose is a specific school taught only by Chas Bogan, Devin Hunter, and Storm Faerywolf. As of right now there is no “Black Rose lineage” as the lineages that we offer take place in the context of the private work that is available after the Black Rose curriculum has been completed. This work is by invitation only.

Will Initiation be automatic, or will I have to qualify?

If you do the work and answer the quizzes as requested then you will be eligible for initiation. This initiation will occur in the context of a live trance journey led by Storm, in a group session using the free web-service Zoom. The final lesson contains instructions on how to apply for the ceremony. You will receive further instructions at that time.

How Long Can I Remain Here?

Our goal is to foster an online coven and community of magic adoring individuals, and as part of our coven you are encouraged to continue to actively participate in the forums and events here after you have completed the course.

Members who do not complete the course and are inactive for two years will have their accounts deleted.

Members who encounter hardships amidst this course are encouraged to contact the admin team at to see what alternatives may exist to aid you in completing the course and remaining a part of our community.

How do I cancel my membership?

Cancel by emailing the admin at from the same email address that you used to sign up. You will receive confirmation of your cancellation, usually within 24-72 hours of receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation in that time, please send a follow-up email and/or check your SPAM folder.

I was previously a student and wish to return. Can I start again where I left off?

Once your account has been canceled, you may return and start back where you left off anytime within a period of two years by emailing the admin at After that, your inactive account will be deleted and you will need to start back at the beginning should you later wish to return to your studies.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for any reason.

If you signed up and paid using the monthly subscription system you can cancel at any time and avoid being charged further by emailing (Since payments are done by the whole month if you cancel after your months’ payment has cleared then you will still receive the remaining month’s materials before the cancellation takes effect.)

If you have any other questions or concerns about this policy please contact the admin team before enrolling. Once you are enrolled you are agreeing to these terms.

Who Are Able To Read My Comments?

Access to the various discussion channels on our private Discord server are configured based on level of course completion. In a nutshell, the teachers, initiates, and other students of Black Rose will be able to see your posted comments on Discord.

Are There Items I Need To Buy?

Not necessarily, however we are currently working on a shopping list of items that you may purchase from our store website.

As an active student in Black Rose you will receive a code for 15% off your purchases. Active members can find the code HERE.

As local business owners we also encourage you to support the metaphysical store in your own community, provided there is one. Also, a good Witch knows how to make do with whatever is on-hand, therefore costs can be kept to minimum if that is a concern.

Any Other Questions…

Despite our best efforts, we may not have thought of everything, and you are free to respond to this post with whatever questions are important to you.

If you wish to contact our admin team directly, please email and they will get back to you ASAP.