Our Apprenticeships are longer-term intermediate to advanced courses that are available to those who have completed certain required classes or have meet certain requirements. These prerequisites differ for each Apprenticeship. Follow the links below to learn more about each individual offering.

More apprenticeships to be added soon!

F(a)eri(e) is a form of American Traditional Witchcraft derived from the teachings of Victor and Cora Anderson and passed down through their various initiates. A rich and diverse spiritual art, Feri seeks to transform the individual through practices of ritual magic, meditation, and energy work.

BlueRose is a teaching coven and lineage of the Faery tradition. Founded by Storm Faerywolf, it consists of three parts: An open outer court, an intermediary school, and an inner mystery priesthood, each dedicated to preserving and evolving the magic and lore of the Faery tradition. PREREQUISITE: Black Rose Witchcraft

The Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft is a member of both the modern Humanist and Goddess movements. Founded in 2010 by Devin Hunter, Sacred Fires started as a spiritual meeting ground for ecstatic and shamanic witchcraft practices. Eventually Sacred Fires would grow to provide metaphysical training for psychics, manifesters, and magic practitioners seeking to understand their connection to the divine as preternatural beings. As Sacred Fires grew it’s members eventually joined together to create a thriving spiritual community that now supports several organizations under its umbrella.PREREQUISITE: Black Rose Witchcraft