Academy FAQ

If you have questions about your account, our Administrative Aide is available to help you, and can be reached at

Our support staff will respond as soon as possible, however It may take up to 72 hours to receive a response. Be sure to read this FAQ thoroughly as well as the specific FAQs for your particular class(es) before contacting support.

Classes and Access
After you have signed up for an account you will have 30 days to enroll in a class. Memberships that have not been part of any class will be deleted after 30 days. We offer classes in three types: On Demand, Extended, and Apprenticeships. On Demand classes are immediately available as soon as you register. Extended classes will have a more metered effect, with the first lesson unlocking immediately, but then each successive lesson unlocking every seven days after that. Apprenticeships are unique to their class and instructor.

After you enroll, return to the main page for the specific class (enrollment page) and you will see new additions to the sub-menu under the class header with links to your lessons and forum(s). These features are only available for active members of the class.

How Long Will My Membership in A Group Last?
You may continue to be in this group after you have completed the course. So long as you are not disruptive in your behavior then we are happy to have you remain part of our community here.

What Happens If I Stop Paying For This Course?
If you stop paying for a course before it is completed, then you will stop receiving lessons and instructions. Accounts of members that have not completed any courses and have been inactive for a period of two years will be deleted. Graduates of a course are granted a lifetime membership in the forums and will have access to updated materials as they are posted.

How Often Do I Receive Instructions?
At a minimum of once a week, although adjustments are made for holidays, vacations, zombie viruses, and the like. Weekly instruction is composed of what we think you most need to know about a subject. We encourage you to take advantage of the Discussions groups, assignments, and other material in order to further your knowledge of esoteric at the depth and pace your feel most comfortable with.

Who Is Able to Read My Comments?
This depends on where you post comments in the Mystic Dream Academy. When in doubt about a particular forum, log out to see if it is visible. Different parts of the Academy have different settings, some are private to specific groups, others to all members of the Academy, and others are visible to anyone who visits the site.

How do I Cancel My Subscription(s)?
You must contact our Administrative Aide at and request that your subscription be cancelled. Note, it may take up to 7 business days for this to implemented. Scheduled payments within this window will not be refunded.

I have another question…
Just email the Administrative Aid at and they will be happy to assist you!