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Lammas Ritual

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Within our tradition we celebrate the sabbats as they occur astrologically. This year astrological Lammas will happen on Friday, August 8th when the sun enters 15* Leo. Traditionally Lammas is celebrated as the first of the three neo-pagan harvest festivals with roots driven deep in Irish and Celtic folklore. At 15* Leo we find a fixed star by the name of Dubhe (pronounced DUB-ee) (Bear in Arabic) which is associated with psychic power and destruction. Dubhe is also referred to as “The Eye” or “Pivot of the Universe” and makes up the center of Ursa Major’s spine.For our Lammas ritual we combine both the terrestrial fascination of the first harvest with the celestial alignment of this great star. During this ritual we surround ourselves with symbols of the harvest. This can be fresh fruit or grains or ceremonial tools like the scythe or boline. We then enter trance and commune with Dubhe to align ourselves with the psychic potential to see clearly what must be harvested and to gain insight regarding how to move through specific issues that we might be facing. This ritual requires us to both be receptive to the messages of the heavenly host and to [...]

A Solitary Midsummer with Lucifer

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In Black Rose we celebrate the longest day by honoring Lucifer the Witch King. In our tradition’s mythology Lucifer is the bringer of light and is personified by the brilliant shining sun.  This Midsummer we will be invoking the spirit of Lucifer through an adaptation of one of our most treasured practices known as Kala. During Kala we gather energetic blockages and purify them with the power of our own light. We finish this ritual by consuming this energy, now instead of it being a toxic blockage it is nutritious power that can fuel us. What you need: A drinking glass Distilled or Spring Water (boiled/filtered water will do in a pinch) Access to direct sunlight How to: Fill the drinking glass with water and place it somewhere close to you. While standing in the sun take a few moments to collect your thoughts and ground your energy body. Begin by breathing slow and deep and allow your attention to become centered on the sensation of that breath. Allow your belly to expand first as you breathe, followed by your lungs and make sure to keep your body relaxed. When you feel ready to move on, pick up your [...]